Monday, 2 January 2017

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper on Alice Cooper

I've been married to Sheryl for 35 years and never cheated on her. I am one of the good guys. If you marry the person you're in love with, you would never do anything to hurt her. Honestly, I have seen spectacularly beautiful women and said: "I'm not interested."
The secret is keeping romance in the marriage. Men are microwaves and women are pressure cookers. Sex is the whole thing for men: bang, ready, let's go. Women want romance beforehand, or they feel they're not appreciated. Once in a while, you have to whisk your wife off to a motel for ridiculous sex. You have to keep things surprising. My wife is a ballet teacher so she is very organised. I'm the spontaneous one – she never knows what's coming, except that I'm gonna be home and I'm gonna be sober. After that, there might be a ticket to Jamaica in there.