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cakap cakap....The Johor Royal Family

steadyaku47 comment : My posting yesterday "Does the Johor State Government belong to the Johor Royal Family? No lah!"  has had some interesting and informative response from our friends...some of which I have posted below for you all to and learn!

As for that massive/mega/colossal/gigantic/immense/humongous/whopping development the Sultan is now engaged in with parties from China (see below)...I only have this to say....the Johor Royal Family better pray that they can sell what they build....kalau tidak all the money they have will not be able to save the Johor Royal Family from financial ruin... mampus! And ponder this reality....Najib is already beholden to China for his political soon before the Johor Royal Family becomes beholden to China for it's financial survival? Say tanya aja.......

Sultan of Johor's RM4.5 bil backlash? | KINIBIZ’s-rm4.5-billion-backlash.html
Jun 10, 2014 - Has Sultan Ibrahim of Johor's succession of big money deals over the last ... It is not known whether the Sultan has any stake in the mixed developments to be ... The Sultan's RM4.5 billion land sale to China developers clearly ...

The case of Forest City and the Johor sultan - Malaysiakini
Jul 14, 2014 - SPECIAL REPORT The astounding rate of development in Johor's ... from China, Guangdong -based Country Garden Holdings and the Johor ...


Sharifuddin Abdul Latiff There is a difference between the head of state and head of government.

In Malaysia, the former has a symbolic albeit ceremonial national status while the latter is an elected steward for nationhood, including holding in trust, all national assets as well as institutions on behalf of citizens.

The government, therefore, do not have its own money/assets, etc. So how can the TMJ claim otherwise?

When Johor agreed to be a part of the federation in 1957, the royal house have, in essence, abrogated its rights to rule/govern in deference to a parliamentary democracy.

However, it seems that Johor has a unique state constitution which apparently included a caveat for secession from the federation if certain terms were violated. Aku malas nak selidik lebih lanjut tentang 'special rights' ni. Sebab nya senang aje. TMJ nak revert ke feudalism atau pon pegang janji demokrasi untuk rakyat?

Bottom line - This is a turf war between the Johor royal elite and the political elite in Putrajaya, both wanting to secure the wealth which rightly belong to all Malaysians.

Therefore, Bangsa Johor is just a myth to fool Johorians.

Nuff said!

Fauzi Jusoh · 2 mutual friends
sepanjang pengetahuan saya pemerentahan beraja secara mutlak sufah tamat semenjak sebelum malaysn union. kembalinya raja berpelembagaan setelah rancangan malayan union tewas. jangan usik syatusquo ini. kalau tidak semua akan rugi baik raja mahu pun raayat. berhati-hatilah.

Robert K Chelliah intriguing question ? Can the head of a State or a monarchy engage in commetcial activities like property development, trading , sale of vested crown land to foreign governments etc while drawing on the coomon public purse for ones upkeep
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Sharifuddin Abdul Latiff To find the answers, perhaps, an in depth reading is necessary .. which you can find @ []

The 4-part special reports by Nigel Aw are appended at the bottom of the article.
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