Saturday, 7 January 2017


On the right is my mother....Zaharah Ambak.  She and my father were first cousins and fell in love with each other when they were young...very young...when, as first cousin are bound to do......when they followed their parents to visit each other's house. Their love for each other is amazing and certainly stood the test of time...but alas my mother passed away many years before my father did..and he was lost without her. In the above image my mother must have still been in her teens......bathing in a river with her other cousins and my father's mother, Tok Tina, watching over them all.

This must have been over seven or eight decades ago......and yet as I look at my mother it is as if she was before me and looking at me through all the years that have passed. 

I met my wife when I was just 21 and she I am 69 and she 71....and we are still together after all those happy together (as I would like to think) as my father and mother were with each other in their times together. ....and all these thoughts overwhelmed me as I listened to Ricky Nelson singing "I need You...Honest I do".