Saturday, 7 January 2017

Joh Low has got Najib by the Balls!

All you DAP guys and you you expect the Malays to believe that Najib Razak and Rosmah sit together by themselves and at times, with their cohorts, to plan, plot, and scheme of ways and means to make money for themselves at the expense of the Malays? 

Do those Malays who are not in Umno expect the Malays in Umno to believe the same thing too?

Are you people gila?

You are talking about a man of impeachable pedigree! His own father was prime minister. An uncle was also a prime minister. Najib was elected to Parliament at age 23 and have spent all his entire adult life in the service of King, country and the people of Malaysia - all the people of Malaysia. 

Do you, in all seriousness, expect anyone to believe the stories now being told and retold in Malaysia and elsewhere, in countries like America, the UK, countries in Europe and closer to home - in Jakarta, Thailand and Singapore...stories about the billion of ringgits that have been lost by Felda, 1MDB and various other public and government entities - stories of the prime minister of Malaysia siphoning, scheming and embezzling these billions into his personal account and into that of his family and cohorts in Malaysia and elsewhere?

I ask you these questions of you because I myself did ponder the same questions this morning....and many mornings before. To me it is preposterous to think how any Malay coming from a family of prime ministers who have done much for our nation, could be accused of abusing his public office for personal gan. 

It does not enter the realms of remote possibilities what more of truth!

If this is so what are we to make of that RM2.6 billion donation that found it's way into Najib Razak personal account?

What are we to make of 1MDB whose lost billions have somehow, through a myriad of complex and questionable financial transactions, found their way, by foul or legal means, into Najib's personal account and into the account of those  who could only be described to be "Najib's cohorts and co conspirator?"...all done to defraud 1MDB of those billions for Najib's and his cohorts end gain? 

And what of Jho Low?

1MDB: Singapore confirms probe of Malaysian tycoon Jho Low

Nov 11, 2016 - 1MDB: Singapore confirms Malaysian tycoon Jho Low is 'person of interest' in sovereign fund probe. Low's associate Eric Tan and American ...

Jho Low's Relatives Fight U.S. Forfeiture of 1MDB-Linked Assets ...

Oct 31, 2016 - Four family members of Low Taek Jho, also known as Jho Low, have initiated claims for properties the U.S. said he b 

This same Jho Low now travel the high sea in his 91.5 metre Yacht Equanimity!

Report: Jho Low-linked superyacht in Hong Kong waters - Malaysiakini

Aug 22, 2016 - According to SCMP, the yachting press often cited Jho Low as the owner of the ... in its court filings related to the alleged abuse of 1MDB funds.

Am I to believe that this Jho Low is the "Fixer" who is assisting Najib Razak to move the billions here and there ...the billions that belongs to 1MDB?
Now who is this Jho Loh? He seems to be generous to a fault ...donating millions to charities and a collector who collects Art like a pro...... 

Am I to believe that Najib, Rosmah and this Jho Low did actually sat down in that grand yacht,The Tatoosh, to discuss raking in those billions from 1MDB and that this prime minister of ours did actually told Jho Low to go ahead and do the necessary to siphon, scam and embezzled those billions out of 1MDB for their joint financial gain?

Hard to believe is it not? That Najib Razak is a thief! 

If that is what he did....then he is beholden to Jho Low to not only carry the caper out...but to keep quiet about it all! 

Now just imagine it, the prime minister of Malaysia being beholden to Jho Low! That would be the unkindest cut of it all for the Malays in Umno and in the rural area to swallow would it not be? A Malay leader in Umno who made a young Chinese into a billionaire at the expense of the Malays he is leader of! 

I see all these "facts" staring in my all points to a prime minister being taken for a ride by this Jho Low...and not only is that prime minister now beholden to Jho is Rosmah Mansor! What will she do to Jho Low if Jho Low tells her to go fly kite if she asks for one Hermes Bag too many? If she asks for more cash to go shopping? More credit to beef up her account at all those branded super stores in Milan, Paris, London and New York? What will Jho Low do? 

All this I wonder and more. The fun will really start when Jho Low has to front up in court to tell his side of the story. Will he go down with the S.S Najib or will he save himself?

When that day comes...and it looks like it will come sooner rather than later...then all you Cina can tell me " I told you so"....and the Malays in Umno? Welll for the Malays in Umno, it will all be a matter of accepting what Allah has ordained. Is it not so? 

Meantime I will have to ponder if this prime minister of ours is really a thief, a robber, a scammer or he is simply a thief, a robber, a scammer and a greedy stupid Malay taken for a ride by this super smart young Chinese call Jho Low....and at the end of the day the young smart Cina laughs all the way to the bank while Najib Razak wets his pants waiting to be tarred and feathered for his abuse of the highest office in the land!