Friday, 13 January 2017

Eric Tan : Nang Boti Nang, Kui Boti Kui.

In all seriousness....does Najib and his partner in crime, Rosmah Mansor....think they can get away with the billions that they have songlap from our nation's coffers? Money that rightly belongs to the people of Malaysia? You and me....all the Rakyats? Don't talk about whether he and his wife can sleep soundly at night! Do not ask Allah to punish them in the hereafter. Stop wondering when the AG or the IGP will come to their senses and apprehend the husband and wife culprits for the biggest financial scam anywhere in the whole damm world! None of those things are going to happen...EVER!

Those two sleep soundly at night...thank you very much they will tell you. Allah will not punish them for if HE has any thought of punishing them, HE would have done so a long long time ago. As for the AG and the IGP.......King Canute had a better chance of stopping the waves from coming at him than for us to hope that the IGP or the AG will come to their senses and do their duty for King and country! 

And today Singapore tells us that Eric Tan and billionaire Jho Low are one and the same person! Now just back up a bit here.....Eric Tan and Joh Low are the same person.....what does that mean? 

First consider this: 

Paperwork required to open a Bank Account in Singapore:

The first thing you need to keep in mind is the paperwork involved in opening an account, whether you are a foreigner or a resident of Singapore. You will need a valid passport, a study or work visa, address proof like a utility bill or an official letter from your school or employer, and a reference letter from your current bank if you are a foreigner.
First you need a valid passport!

The Malaysian passport (MalayPasport Malaysia) is the passport issued to citizens of Malaysia by the Immigration Department of Malaysia (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia). 
Question : How did Eric Tan get a Malaysian Passport? KSU Please explain.
Another day gone by and another nail hammered into Najib's and Rosmah's coffin. 
It has been a good day! Let the coming days be better!