Sunday, 15 January 2017

Every Day in Many Ways The Noose Tightens!

Every day in many ways the noose tightens around najib's pudgy neck! This is a prime minister that Malaysia had to have in order that the Malays understand that pedigree means for nothing when greed overcomes all other sensibilities. This is a prime minister that we all had to have so that Malaysians understand that in the end, we are responsible for our own destiny....that is the essence of democracy....and we cannot blame any one else for our own misfortune but ourselves.

Mahathir cannot say that a prime minister needs absolute political power untethered by check and balances in order to get anything done in Malaysia. And then when we have a najib, Mahathir cannot turn around and tells us "How am I to know that a prime minister will steal from his own people" for common sense will tell us that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Umno cannot make it's political survival as the be all and end all of it's political matalamat. There are ethics, morality. right and wrong in politics to be considered. Not to do so nullifies everything that Umno once stood for and consigns it to damnation and failure - as it now faces in the next PRU.

For the Malays they must understand that with political power comes the responsibility to serve all Malaysians - not just the Muslims, not just the Malays.   

I believe that by the next PRU, politics will come of age...or at least the process of real change within the political arena will begin - if it has not already. Race and politics in Malaysia will always matter to who ever is in government but it should start to matter in a positive not negative way. That the Malays will take positive and constructive steps to improve the lot of everyone that calls Malaysia home. 

For now we wait for Najib to fall. We  wait for Umno to be taught a lesson in politics - a lesson that we have waited for many decades to happen - that in a democracy, the people will decide who they want in government. 

We wait for the opposition to get its act together. 

We wait for Anwar Ibrahim to be released from Sungai Buloh and take his place in society, in politics and possibly in government again....this time more aware of his responsibility and his duty to all of us....this time as King maker and not himself a King.

This time we wait for the new wave of politicians to come and take their rightful place in government and public office, and by they doing so, will allow the old and tired political brigade we now have serving our nation to retire gracefully and fade into history...taking with them what ever political baggage they have brought with them a long long time ago when they were the politicians of the day.