Monday, 16 January 2017

rosmah....najib's husband!

Do any of you doubt that rosmah mansor is in the thick of this 1MDB scam? 

Come on lah cuba fikir sikit....look at this man....this you have any friends like him? The first word that comes to my mind looking at him singing with Duterte is.....ini pondan ni! I have nothing against do your thing and I do mine....but najib is a sad excuse for a self appointed Alpha Male!

Just what do you think Duterte was thinking when he was on that stage singing with najib? Duterte must be thinking "Is this guy for real?"...and he must have had a good laugh once he got to his room that night! 

Aisehman this najib kasi kita malu lah!

Do you think najib has the intellect, the intelligence...the otak...and most critical of all, the courage to steal those billions from 1MDB and God knows what else, all by himself? 

A long long time ago rosmah already got najib by the balls and since then she has held on tight to those balls (wrinkled and shrivelled up as they may be by now!). She knows what najib has done and what najib is doing....and when you got anybody by their balls, their heart and mind will follow willingly with every squeeze of those balls. 

Does she know about Port Dickson? She knows that najib did not go to Port Dickson for a swim! 

Does she know about his exploits while minister of defence? She did not get called "Mrs Ten Percent" for nothing!

Altantuya? Let us wait for the full story to come out...but first we need to have an independent judiciary, a "dedak free' Attorney General and an IGP whose daughter is not selling guns and bullets than can be use to kill his own officers!

Deepak the carpet seller has got more stories to sell on rosmah and najib but for the time being he has enough to stop selling we have to wait until he needs more dedak!

When the full story on 1MDB is finally outed...when the whole story of what happened during najib's time in politics is finally revealed...rosmah will be right in the thick of it all....the scheming, the negotiating, the collecting of dedak, the spending of dedak collected...and the billions stolen from the rakyat and from the coffers of this nation...all of it will have tentacles radiating from rosmah and she will be proven to be the one who most benefited from the proceeds of these crimes committed against our people and our country.  

It remains to be seen whether the new government taking over from the Umno led BN will have the political will to actually bring rosmah and her "wife" to trial and eventual conviction and then to have both of them serve the full term of any sentence pronounced upon them by the courts. 

For now these two are free to swagger about and push their weight around...but already that private government jet cannot take them anywhere they fancy. They have to consider the legal complications of landing in countries that consider them to be "persons of interest" in their investigation to get to the bottom of the money laundering and scams of what happened in 1MDB.

Everything they now do in the name of government are being scrutinised and analysed in detail and questioned by too many Malaysians to allow them to do as they please. With that much attention being focused on even if it is rosmah or najib who walks in front of the other.. long do you think before either of them slips, stumble and fall flat on their face because of the things that they do? 

Will they have got away today with what they have done in the past? Like going to Monaco for an Islamic fashion show? Like rosmah going to Turkey for a day trip on the government jet with enough luggage to allow her to stay there for a month? Would not rosmah think twice today about being seen in public with a Hermes bag? Would they think about "chasing the dragon" over the New Year as they did two years back by flying, in the government jet to chase the rising and setting of the sun so that they could celebrate New Year more than once? 

No not anymore! Sekarang mesti berjaga jaga...but they can jaga as much as they want.... the end is near.....I kid you not!