Thursday, 5 January 2017

Sopian Ahmad on PPBM's Mission

Woke up this morning and my mind rests on these points. PPBM has a mission. This must be achieved in order to address the economic and political malaise we are facing today.

We Malaysians have to change the current leaders in the government. The new Government will effect new directions for our economic development. New priorities will be set. 

First, the new government will ensure that laws are implemented without fear or favour. No politicians will be protected if and when they committed crimes, big or small.

Second, all governmental and official efforts will not be spared to immediately address the mounting national debts that have been irresponsibly incurred by the current leaders. 

Thirdly, there will be a serious, wide and deep overhaul of our current education system based on international standards and the need of job markets worldwide to end the quagmire and morass among our university and highschool graduates.

Fourth, reset our domestic policies to deepen and concretise our national unity by putting top priority on the distribution of national wealth based on needs of our ethnic groups.

Fifth, the new government will always be "people oriented." It shall always be consultative, representational and democratic. Its leaders are people of high principle, understand and respect good governance.

With the above, we will restore confidence and pray that Allah will again bless us with His Grace to bring back our honour, prosperity and stability.