Sunday, 8 January 2017

Syed Mohamed Idid : Kau ingat Muslim je buat baik?

  • Syed Mohamed Idid
    Syed Mohamed Idid
    Just read a post about how a certain non-Muslim is doing good deeds to all regardless of race and creed. And then they had to end the post with "semoga Allah memberi hidayah untuk masuk Islam". (May Allah bless them with opening their hearts to Islam)
    I seriously can't fathom the ignorance of some of my Muslim brethren. Doing good is not only an Islamic thing, it doesn't always have to be associated with just Islam. Every religion promotes doing good. Even those without religions do a lot of good, probably even more than many of us Muslims. I know this for sure.
    Anyways, why do you want good people to convert to Islam? Because you want to improve the image of Islam? Yes yes we know our image is so bad right now, don't help tarnish it by asking good people to become a Muslim. Instead, go out and do something about it, idiots. Go do some good yourselves and don't rely on others and then say something like oh we hope you masuk Islam. Don't be so pathetic.
    Or some would say "oh we do not wish for good people to be burnt in hell for not embracing Islam". Well if you believe Allah is cruel enough to burn good people just because they call Him a different name, then probably you have the wrong God after all.
    Let me remind us all Muslims, if not because of Abu Talib, Prophet Muhammad's pagan uncle who protected him against other pagans of Mecca, none of us would be Muslims today. We all owe it to a Non-Muslim. And no, he never became a Muslim and died a proud pagan against the many many times the prophet tried to convert him even the time at the death bed. He still died a proud kafir.
    Kau ingat Muslim je buat baik? Kalau bukan sebab kafir Abu Talib tu, kita semua sama kafir lah, bodoh. We all owe that kafir. Dah tak payah nak tunjuk sangat kebodohan melampau yang Allah rahmatkan kat kau tu.
    Cuba kalau ada orang cakap Pak Imam kampung aku yang baru balik Mekah tu sungguh baik orangnya.. suka tolong orang tak mengira bangsa dan agama, banyak bersedekah... semoga dia dapat rahmat Tuhan dan masuk Kristian.
    Ada yang roboh gereja pulak nanti...