Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Terrassie Lau...RESPECT!

Another Malaysian hero...she's been doing it for ages . God bless you Terrassie Lau

Terrassie Lau added 8 new photos — feeling accomplished with ChinKuan Yong.
20 hrs
My first noble project for this year. Brought 21 children from single parents n needy families to shop for uniforms, socks and school bags. Thank you very much to my business networking friends from BNI Synergy Malaysia for their generous contributions. Thanks Fabian and his family for their helping us out as well.

steadyaku47 comment : Always, I am blown to bits by the goodness of people who do much for others who are in need. We all want to help others but Terrassie goes out and do just that.....and for that I can only thank her for making our world a better place. Respect!