Friday, 13 January 2017

"Unfriend" a Friend on FB

Every now and then we come across someone on FB who is going to "unfriend" a friend ...who cares what the reason do what you want on your FB! 

Ada yang merajuk...ada yang marah....ada yang fed-up....macam macam sebab they give....but the end result is the same....someone somewhere gets "unfriend". 

In 8 years of FB I have "unfriend" less friends then there are fingers on my right hand. Why my right hand? Well I just want to panjangkan sikit this article because there is nothing much to write about friends you want to "unfriend" I say the right hand and you will start to wonder why steadyaku47 said the right hand...why not the left hand....and so I will take a few lines to explain why...and this article becomes a bit longer! Kapish?   

Anyway...allow me to continue...a few minutes ago a good friend of mine in Sydney sent me this.

So I though here is something for those guys who wants to keep friends on FB....not unfriend F.U.C.K day. At least there is a day for day for those who wants to unfriend a friend!