Thursday, 2 March 2017

Are the Malays to be blamed because of their "tidak apa" attitude? The Chinese for their "take no prisoners" way of doing business or the Indians for their choice of leaders? And the Dayaks and the Kadazans....why have they all been blind to their many leaders for whom the acquisition of material wealth overcomes all other sensibilities?

The group of goons, liars, scammers, thieves, robbers...all greedily partaking of the trough that umno keeps shovelling their way is indeed formidable. Royalties, Tuns, Tan Sri's, Dato, Yang berhormats...the list is too exhausting to even contemplate.....a veritable  "who is who" in Malaysia that defies logic and common sense...coloured by that one avarice that each and every one of them posses in order to be part of that group....greed. Greed each and every one of them have plenty of! Greed among Royalties, among politicians, among public officials, government officials and of course politicians! 

Not many people in Malaysia are free of it's hold  but those who are, will be the next echelon we so desperately need for to be our leaders. 

Who and where are these people?

It will have to be the next generation of Malaysians who are even now watching their elders pocketing government contracts, taking commissions from whatever rent collecting scheme they can be part of and generally all becoming insanely rich not by the dint of hard honest labour, but by partaking of the spoils that flows from money politics. The next generation of Malaysians who are even now, as we speak, facing impossible odds in trying to make some sense of the money politics that their elders in umno thrives upon. 

How have we come to this within just six decades after Merdeka? Are our founding father to be blame? Did Onn Jaafar, Tunku, Razak and Hussein Onn fail us in any way. Did Mahathir started our fall from grace? And what of Abdullah Badawi and najib who came after Mahathir? And if you want to take it further....are the Malays to be blamed because of their "tidak apa" attitude? The Chinese for their "take no prisoners" way of doing business or the Indians for their choice of leaders? And the Dayaks and the Kadazans....why have they all been blind to their many leaders for whom the acquisition of material wealth overcomes all other sensibilities?

Blame can be apportion in varying degrees to any one of the group of people I have mentioned above. Some of them are more responsible than the others...but if truth be told...the fault also lies with you and me!

With you because many of you voted these goons, liars, scammers, thieves, robbers into public office. Me because I found it easier to go live in Australia where life is much more comfortable and better than the one I left in Malaysia. Yes and me.....we have to blame each other for the state of our nation today. We all turned a blind eye while our nation was being robbed, raped and rebooted into a seemingly bottomless trough of cash and more cash to satisfy the greed of these politicians and their cohorts.

We now have a billionaire prime minister who was found with RM2.6 billons in his personal account. So rich that he was unaware that over RM40 million was deposited into his personal account!

We have a Sultan in the South noisily defending the billionaire prime minister against a former prime minister in order to protect the sultan own interests in a business deal involving Chinese partners running into the hundreds of millions of ringgits in which the prime minister has been instrumental in making happen by changing the realities that govern this region geopolitics from the US to China.

More Arms Contracts For Police Chief's Family!  EXCLUSIVE

More Arms Contracts For Police Chief's Family! EXCLUSIVE

It is not enough that his daughter is selling guns and ammunition's that could possible end up killing his own officers but today we are told that the tweet of a PIG's (Police Inspector General) brother is sickeningly involved in the armed business!

What is next? 

The Minister of Health involved in selling cadavers to third world countries? The Attorney General appointing touts to negotiate with known convicted  criminals on how to obtain a pardon and immediate release for a considerable "donation?" What about Jakim issuing "nikah al mutah"...temporary facilitate Muslims girls to engage in prostitution and work massage parlors...again for a considerable "donation"? After all, Jakim can argue, that temporary marriage can always be upgraded into a permanent marriage!

The list is endless but already this umno led bn government are deep , deep into trying each and every permutation of that endless list.

But is not this the way of the world we live in today? We take what we can from anyone that we can for what ever that we can?

My dear friends I will leave that for each and every one of you to ponder for are we all not able to reason and rationalise our every action to suit our "druthers?" Do as you will but consider this reality....are the times a changing? 

Are there just too many questions being asked about the right and wrong of a prime minister and wife, where their antics, smacks more of being criminals than of being responsible leaders of our nation? Are not questions being asked if the Sultan of Johor has any hidden agenda in his attacks against Mahyuddin and Mahathir? Should any of the PIG's family be involved in the arms business? Is the attorney general and auditor general able to do their work independently of any political interference when they are appointed to that post by their political masters?

Are we not asking if there are enough of us to rid ourselves of these greedy politicians and their cohorts? Are we not waiting anxiously for the next general election for the opportunity to rid ourselves of any elected representatives that even dares to think that money can buy a seat for them in state assembly or parliament? Are those already elected in the last general election already feeling vulnerable in the lead up to the coming general elections? Are not you and me hopeful that change is possible?   

These questions are being asked with increasing frequency amongst enough of us to fill this umno led BN government with dread and a sense of coming doom. Do you not think that this coming election may see the opposition in government in Putrajaya? 

So ponder through these thoughts as you go about the business of earning a living in K Hell and other parts of the world where this corrupt umno led bn government holds sway. And while you do so, rest assured that I in Melbourne will do the same....for we, you and me...are we not brothers in arms against the manner our nation is being raped and ravaged by this umno led bn government where greed flows out of every orifice of their physical self?  

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