Thursday, 2 March 2017

cakap cakap...blogging.

Why is it that I, a Malay, am now living in Melbourne, Australia? Why is it that I, a Malay, living now in Melbourne Australia, is fearful of going back to my country of birth, Malaysia. 

All that a privilege Malay should have I have had.

My grandfather, Dr Latiff, is the first Malay Doctor. My education in my formative years was at the Malay College Kualal Kangsar. My Uncles and Father have all served the government with distinctions if not valour. My classmate Anwar Ibrahim was once DPM. My cousin, the late Endon was the wife of a Prime Minister...and I could go on and on and cup truly runneth over. 

Why do I now choose to live in Australia? And why am I fearful of going back to my country of birth, The country I am still a citizen of?    

I migrated to Australia over three decades ago for many reasons - mainly because the lifestyle I saw then developing in Malaysia was not one I would choose for myself to live. My wife is an Australian - we married in London - and that gave me the choice to choose Australia to live in. And I did. 

I started blogging about seven years back when I was in Adelaide and having now moved to Melbourne, blogging about Malaysia has become so much a part of my life, that not doing so would be inconceivable. And I blog about life and current affairs in Malaysia. 

What I blog about current affairs in Malaysia this umno led bn government can do without. And I am told by reliable sources in K Hell that I am now a "person of interest" and will be a "person of interest" should I go back to K Hell while this odious and corrupt najib led bn government is in Putrajaya. And so for now I will not go back to K Hell....but I will blog.

There are many others like me. 

Many of them stay put in Malaysia and write about stuff that makes them a "person of interest" to the powers that be in Malaysia. For these people I profess admiration tinge with a sense of "if only I was as brave" and have stayed in Malaysia to be one with them. But though I am far far away DownUnder....I would like you know that we are in touch with each other. When our path crosses, we give due respect to the other and where possible and necessary, we will assist the other in any way we can. Every day in many ways, the ranks of us bloggers increase exponentially. I hope that the powers that be in umno and the bn government will not take umbrage at this claim of mine...that bloggers grow by large amounts from day to day. I know they will not take umbrage because those goons in Putrajaya, in all probability, do not know what "umbrage" and "exponentially" means!...

...but I digress.

As I was saying...there are many others like me. 

Of course the "johnny-come-lately" who started blogging after I did are also doing well themselves - especially that guy who calls himself Che Det! While some who started way before me, are now NOT doing so well...especially that guy in Manchester...nudge nudge wink wink. But that is the way the cookies crumbles. I just carry on blogging without worrying too much about the others. Kalau dia orang mau jadi kawan...ok lah. Kalau dia orang mau lawan pon OK....because I can give as good as I get.

...but again I digress.

This is just a piece about my thoughts this morning. This is my third posting this morning and it is still not even 9 AM the day is till young even if I am old. Let us see what the  rest of the day will bring. Selmat Pagi and may the force be with you!  


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