Sunday, 5 March 2017

cakap cakap..HH

Sunday Morning : 9.40 AM Melbourne : Have been up since 5.30 this morning. Reading. Writing. Blogging. Two cups of Lipton tea. Black. In between all this I am reading "Power Faith and Fantasy"  - America in the Middle East 1776 to the Present. By Michael B. Oren. Fascinating book but heavy reading requiring more concentration power than what I can muster on this Sunday morning. So curi curi blogging and curi curi reading. Blogging wins hand down! And so I put the book aside for now and write.

It has been a different two weeks from the norm. I was in Perth for a few days, and then back to Melbourne where the sun was out and about more often then it was not. Met with a couple of Malaysians to talk about matters in K Hell and issues of mutual interests. 

My wife's new specially manufactured recliner arrived and I will now gratefully take over her old one! My wife's heath is good, she is as well as she can be. My problem is how to position my recliner next to her in a room where there will not be enough space to swing a cat by it's tail without bouncing the cat off the wall. At the time of writing, that problem is yet to be resolved.  

Started writing about Zakir Naik (ZN). Maybe something I should not have attempted to do because this is someone I know nothing of. I know nothing of ZN because I prefer to stay away from anyone who wants to talk to me about what is, in my mind, a personal matter - religion. ZN seems to have generated much chatter on the Internet these last few weeks. So I did what I always do when I want to write about something I do not know much of...turn to the Internet for help. Result? You can read what I write about ZN in my blog. The more I read about ZN....the more I begin to understand why he has become such a divisive figure to all - Muslims and infidels. And before you take offence to my description of you as infidels...I myself am sometimes labelled as such by many! More about ZN in my blog later.

Yesterday there was an agitated black couple in the lobby of the apartment where I live...the lady brandishing a golf stick (with apologies to golfers - I do not know if that is what you call those things you hit the ball with!) I was saying, the lady brandishing a golf stick threatening to hit someone...anyone.... if the person she wanted to come down to the lobby did not do so pronto! From my point of view, even without a golf stick, that black girl was already intimidating. With a golf stick in her hand....she looks more threatening than Abdullah the Butcher!

I did what any Bugis Warrior would do. Avoid eye contact, got into the lift, got to my apartment and called the police. They got here within minutes and the last I heard was that "keadaan terkawal". 

Crowd Funding. Either you guys do not know what crowd funding is or you know and you could not care less. To each his own... but I would like to say this. I spend many hours a day working on this blog.  Writing, cut and paste and anything else I need to do to lawan the corrupt leaders we now have who are running this nation of ours to and into the ground. And in between, where possible, to entertain you guys too. All that I ask is that those of you who do understand what I am trying to do - if you can - you need to also understand that from time to time, this blogger does need a helping hand in order to continue working on this blog willingly and enthusiastically. Donating a few dollars towards what I need in life to make life a bit more bearable for me is one of those things you can do to keep this blog alive. So please do consider contributing to this "crowd funding" request of mine.

It is just past 11.00AM. I want to do some spring cleaning around the house today. That means putting on my shorts and getting down to some physical work : like sending things to the store room on the first floor! Have a nice weekend....or whatever is left of it.....and please do take care.