Sunday, 5 March 2017

Brigadier General (Rtd) Dato Mohd Arshad Raji Raji : Tabek General!

steadyaku47 comment : The Communist against whom our parents had fought with through the Emergency years, are now no longer our enemies.  Through the greed and grace of najib razak, umno and mca, communist China are now poised to take our beloved country under their communist wings, lock stock and barrel.

For hundreds and thousand of Malaysian....make that millions of Malaysians... preoccupied with finding money to pay their house rent, to pay that car instalment or even securing their next meal for their children, this act by a Malay dominated umno government, with much enthusiastic assist from that politically bankrupt Chinese political entity, mca,  of opening wide our doors to Comminist China is of no concern. They have more pressing issues to address. 

But not for many of us....

And none are now more vocal today than those Malaysians  Veterans who once served in the Armed Forces. And among those army veterans, one man stands out time and time again : 

Mohd Arsahd Raji Raji. 

Not Dato Arshad Raji Raji. 

Not Brigadier General (rtd) Mohd Arshad Raji Raji.

He is all that and more, but to you and me, he is just Pak Arshad. That is all he will tell us of himself..and the fact that as an old soldier, he has taken as much as he could take of the manner in which this Malay dominated government is governing our country!

Pak Arshad has got the Army Veterans up in arms....literally up in arms many other issues, but this tete a tete between umno, mca and communist China has become the rallying point for many many veterans who are now getting into line behind Brigadier General (Rtd) Dato Arshad Raji Raji waiting for that call to arms from Pak Arshad to show this bn government what old soldiers are made off! I can assure you that it will not take much to militarise those old soldiers! For a start they are already back on the parade ground waiting for orders from Pak Arshad!

Tabek Pak Arshad......!!!  

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Does UMNO wants its youth to be indoctrinated with communist ideology? Have UMNO not learnt our 40 years war with the Malayan Communist Party (PKM) that cost several hundred of our soldier's lives? You condemn DAP an even accuse the party as communist, but here you are.....UMNO sending its youth leaders to be alongside communist China's party youth leaders.

Mohd Arshad Raji Raji 

Seorang diplomat veteran menceritakan bagaimana duta besar China kini lebih intim dengan ahli politik Malaysia khususnya daripada MCA dan Umno.

Read this and you can guess what will happen to our country ten years from today. I say, we will lose our sovereignty, and don't you know that some parcel of our country is already being sold to a foreign country. Yes, BN seems no longer interested in furthering the spirit of Malaysia, but furthering the spirit of China Malaysia. To UMNO, I say this......what are you furthering? Dulu kata kamu memperjuangkan bangsa dan agama. Sekarang berbaik baik dengan komunis China untuk apa, kalau bukan kerana wang. Itu saja yang kamu tahu sekarang. Jahanam kamu UMNO. Bukankah bos kamu dah bangsat dan haramjadahkan bangsa nya sendiri.

Ramli Mohamad Sia2 saja perjuangan dan pengorbanan veteran2 tentera dari berbagai kaum dlm mempertahankan negara dari anasir komunis. UMNO pimpinan Najib Razak kini mengkhianati para veteran, malah semua rakyat Malaysia, bukan saja dgn menggadaikan aset2 milik negara kpd negara China komunis malah kini merelakan para pemudanya diindoktrinasi fahaman komunis. Apa lagi yg akan di"komuniskan" oleh UMNO pimpinan Najib Razak?