Tuesday, 14 March 2017

HADI : Bodoh sombong dan bangang.

There is none so blind as those who have eyes but cannot see. None so deaf as those who have ears but cannot hear....and none so steadfast in their mistaken belief that religion and politics are one, as this Hadi. All the work that aruahTGNA have done to bring PAS into mainstream politics have been thrown to the wind. All the support that the non-Malays and the Infidels have given to allow PAS to be nationally relevant are now no more. And all the hope of many Malays that PAS will somehow be mindful of the realities that politics and religion can somehow coexists in a rational and gracious manner, are now gone. What is left is the ranting of a "bodoh sombong and bangang" Hadi rallying the PAS faithful to umno and against the infidels....that "if you are not with us then you are against us" tirade that passes of for religious dogma within PAS. 

I can probably smile and occasionally laugh at Hadi's antics if I were not a Malay. I could even excuse his inability to understand that we are now living in a world where anything you say can be uploaded onto the public domain in a blink of an eye and in the process brings a world wide audience to marvel at the stupidity of this religious man trying to find a way out of his self imposed dilemma of doing politics even as he tries to champion the cause of an Islam that he has so hopelessly misconstrued to serve his own political agenda.        

But in truth this Hadi is no longer a sick joke to the Malays or to Islam. Hadi has become a religious zealots that has become a joke to those in umno and to many in PAS too. As for other Malaysian.....if Hadi is the face of Islam, then the next general election will consign PAS back again to only Kelantan, again to be the katak under the tempurung  - surely a role that PAS and Hadi are familiar with,  too comfortable in and deserving to be relegated to for they do not seem to understand their place in a multi racial society such as ours.