Monday, 20 March 2017

HADI GILA BABI : Sudah Jadi Kenyataan!

steadyaku47 comment : Maybe dia ni lupa. Maybe dia nak menipu. Maybe dia dah 
nyanok. Buat lah apa pon simpulan yang tuan dan puan nak buat. Apa yang pasti ia 
lah Pak Lebai/Tok Guru PAS/President PAS/Orang Tua Nyanok (delete whichever is 
not applicable) tak cakap yang benar.

Age sometimes brings with it wisdom...but there are times when age comes alone.
Maybe having more than one wife, politics and dedak, all toxic on their own accord, 
when combined, makes for a deadly concoction that will surely overcome those 
who live under the tempurung of race and religion! And there is no better example 
of this then this Hadi.      

Hadi dah Gila Babi ka?