Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Kelohan Datuk Kamaruddin Haji Jamal rtd Major Malaysia Armed Forces recipient Pingat Gagah Berani


What a sad and unfortunate period for our country.
I cannot remember a time when we ever had such strange happenings and outright confusions and chaos, or being helplessly ridiculed and looked down upon by the whole world.

What we have had to put up with over the last many months or so, still seem unreal to me; a far cry from the glory days just so recently.
At least that was my own time line of awareness and concern leading to the ongoing unspeakable shame and uncertainty plaguing our country today.
The first creeping doubt hit me just a little more than some six months ago — a lot later than the majority, perhaps a telling measure of my trust and faith in the government and the leadership; even at that point.
This creeping doubt, as it turned out, was soon followed by a conflicting mix of real concern, heightened disbelief, persistent hope, growing uncertainty, fading trust, and mounting anguish; all battling in my mind to the tune of the rapidly unfolding strange moves of the leadership — moves that had seemed outright dubious in many cases and were totally out of character from the leadership actions of the past.
That was some six months ago. That has been how long, or perhaps how recently, that I first began to wonder what had caused this creeping concern and uneasiness. It was my first inkling that what was going on might NOT, after all, be quite the innocent and temporary blip I had all along desperately wanted to continue believing it was.
Given my still enduring faith and trust in the leadership and government of this country at that early stage, this hope stubbornly remained, even if badly battered and fast giving way to the reality of what was becoming more and more obvious with each day and each new and totally unexpected move by the leadership, duly and furiously supported by his loyal team.
These were, for me, the beginning of a painful discovery of the unsavoury and unworthy side of the leadership — a leadership headed by someone I had put my faith and trust in. More painful still was having to helplessly watch the unmistakable and growing signs of a looming crisis the country had never seen before, no matter how much and how hard the loyal, if blind, warriors and handpicked Lieutenants try to make the whole thing appear as a non-issue.
As the days went by, the strange goings on of the leadership team also became more and more commonplace, from the minor everyday statements to the more serious claims; and to the outright unthinkable; sometime verging on the hilarious. If not for the seriousness of it all, they could even have been entertaining.
It seemed unbelievable that we could have been so blind in putting our trust in these people whose arrogance and smugness far exceed their thinking ability. This was for me yet another painful discovery — that of our own folly and height of stupidity for putting them there in the first place.
To be fair to ourselves, though, faith in these people was probably never that much of a considered factor. We very likely placed our faith and trust in the party without too much concern for the individuals — faith and trust they merely assumed and have now unashamedly and blatantly abused; and even as I write these words, they seem to arrogantly continue to do so.
It is really sad to see a party that had done so much for our nation taken under; as UMNO almost certainly will be, if it continues to be encrusted by so much parasitic elements bent solely on using this great party for their own selfish ends.
It is becoming very obvious that the actions, words, and pronouncements taken and uttered by the leadership team these days only serve to convince the until then undecided minds to give up on the leadership team altogether.
Clearly, based on the events of the last six months, many feel there is very little hope of seeing the present ruling team undertaking any really credible, honest, and believable efforts to put right all that had gone wrong. 
And I do not feel any differently. Beyond that, I’m also convinced that this nation is no longer on the verge of a looming crisis.
It is already neck deep in it; as only a nation that has been thoroughly hijacked can be!


Only time will tell........!