Tuesday, 21 March 2017


The same party and coalition have day in day out, year in year out for sixty years  have :

ADDICTED us to compliance  of a false peace that alienated us from justice.

BETRAYED the trust of the founding leaders and shaped the country as leading  destination for sex pervert, dictators, losers, liars, looters and killers.

CORRUPTED a system small doses to an incurable terminal stage of a curse without cure 

DEMONISED our opposition as traitors on claims they hindered growth against reality that the opposition fought against draconian methods and massive corruption.

EMASCULATED  and exploited the institutions that protected the citizens in stages until they are unrecognisable in shape, form or substance.

FABRICATED the history of the nation to create a caste system among citizens 

GREEDILY coveted grating hips, and plundered the treasure trove of our nation endlessly 

HALLUCINATED with their own twisted propaganda that we needed them more than they needed us.

INTIMATED us with laws and the security apparatus to protect themselves.

JOKERS finally who could only manage a teh tarik stall in Putra Jaya by getting a 2.6billion donation.

KIDNAPPERS  and killers who are holding democracy to ransoms and specialising in nabbing Pastors but not Pirates who are Sulu, Bugis or anything else.

LECHEROUSLY  sucked blood from the vagrants in the street to all who are innocent and vulnerable.

MALICIOUSLY tortured us incarcerating some of our finest young politicians and creating mayhem by licensing the mobsters and miscreants to roam at will.

NOTORIOUSLY gained the jackpot of global fame for making larceny and grand theft look like it can be managed by the stupidest and clumsiest hoodlums, criminals and petty thieves.

OBSCENE  obscure individuals with whose opulence was earned through grovelling and kissing any part of a leader below the belly button for honour acquired on merit of spinelessness and cluelessness.

POLLUTERS who are poisoning and dividing citizens with religion that is an outdated version of its original intention

QUESTIONABLE quacks who traumatised 
us with perceived threats of the laughable communist boogeyman, pendatangs and loss of race and religious identity

RUTHLESS raving lunatics who look Malay, talk Malay and think they are Malay- but are far removed any semblance or form of 'Malayness'.

SHAMELESSLY ensnared a whole nation into endless scandals, scams, schemes, lying and looting and yet they sit in perpetuity squirming on serpentine thrones on propriety of claiming entrustment of responsibility that is God ordained.

TREASONOUS traitors who can only govern with tyranny, treachery and thuggery.

UNLEASHED an  unappealing, grotesque and ugly Hippo of Medusa proportions whose countenance either reduces one to a limp blithering idiot or turns a bleeding heart to stone.

VILLAINS whose creed and mantra is to victimise all with morbid, insane stupidity of mind baffling statements.

WASTE of wimps and whores that will contaminate the toxic sludge in a sewage tank 

X-RATED belligerent Hippo with a leaders balls in hand bellowing and chasing the sun from day and chastising the moon for lack of light in day.

YELLOW bellied ones who hiss, slither and slide when some yellow shirts march.

ZEALOUS with jealousy in guarding a God with high tech snooping and snatching proficiency to prevent the crying of angels, the crushing of heaven and crashing of faith by the cruel hand holding perverted young.