Thursday, 13 April 2017


steadyaku47 comment : Following is snippet of the "conversation" I have with my MCKK classmates in our whatsapp group about the state of our nation today. The analogy of football, the crowd, the players and the coach to describe our country's situation by Kem, is interesting, to say the least. Just sharing with you guys... 

[12/04 10:44 pm] husseinhamid: Kem sometimes hope is all we have....

[12/04 11:01 pm] ‪‬: We have more than just hope - we have desire, determination & energy (besides brains & wisdom) Bro Sein.

[12/04 11:02 pm] ‪: But too many are hanging so much on hope & eventually this hopes may turn into angan2.

[12/04 11:12 pm] ‪: Mcm tgk football game in a big stadium. All spectators have hopes - that's all + wishful mindset but the actual players & coaches do have different game plan. 100,000 spectators have ony one wish >> for the team they support to win. This is conveyed to the active players & coaches by cheering or shouting all kind of instructions as support or abusive shouts to discourage the opponent. In the end - jumbled up as loud noises. The players & coaches carry on with original preset plans & strategies.

[12/04 11:14 pm] ‪‬: Dont you think so?

[12/04 11:16 pm] ‪‬: But Kem, some of our football players are now being pulled up for match-fixing already. Let's hope pray that Allah has a better game plan for rakyat Malaysia.