Idrus Abu Bakar I know Anwar personally. He is a fighter for justice and nothing could stop him. He would never surrender.


Mohd Yusoff Ramli I knew bro DSAi since 62...those days frail but a good debater...he was my classmate at MCKK...but could talk for at least two hours on two or three points written on his hand...we were in 6th form n later on to UM...we continue our friendship till now albeit he was inside...last we met in person was during our 50th anniversary way back 2014....after that he continue to fight but with the odds against him...he was put inside..a few more years he will be out...70 plus..I hope there is no further accusations...stay strong bro n fight to the last breath...u r THE MAN feared by the warlords n u ALONE can give them a good fight...looking at the photos THEY are really scared about u...with all the enforcers from Penjara n Polis inside n out of court...some heavily armed...u r more dangerous than the worst dude...died hard criminals.Stay healthy n Allah be with us all the way...