Thursday, 4 May 2017


Yesterday was just another blogging day until I got this from Mangchik Mangchuk". 

I must thank Mangchik Mangchuk  for bringing my attention to some news about "ME"...if he did not I would not have seen it, for like many many other Malaysians, I no longer click on Malaysia Today.

And I must thank Malaysia Today for publishing that article for, if nothing else, it did pushed a few thousand clicks my way. 

As for "The Third Force"...can I just say this...May the Force be with you....though some others have been a bit mischievous in their comments...and I must confess that one of these comments did made me smile....because he/she insisted that the writer of that article about me should really be referred to as the "THE TURD FORCE". As they say...if it looks like turd, if it smells like turd and if it tastes like turd...then it must be turd.

Anyway...sticks and stones may break my bones but talk don't bother me. This will be the end of this sorry saga of "THE TURD FORCE"...he or she might want to prolong this issue because he/she has to do something to earn more dedak....but I have no need to do so for dedak is not my game. Over and out!