Thursday, 4 May 2017

Voltaire : On The Third Force - "a beleaguered exploitative writer with a grandiose exaggerated sense of self-importance and sense of entitlement......not a scratch of humility or humanity in evidence"

steadyaku47 comment : Woke up this morning and got this in my email from Voltaire...must share ma! My only comment....siapa makan chill dia rasa pedas. I think the third force is more deserving of being referred to as "THE TURD FORCE"....what say you?

by Voltaire.

I am referring to the article by the person called the third force. It certainly looks like Mr. Hussein Hamid has very seriously damaged the credibility of the masquerade that calls itself the ‘ Third Force’ . The desperate rhetoric of  rebuttals seem to come out more like the third force is a spent force, whose manner of response is that of a person clutching straws, and drowning in a sea of lies. If there was a strand of reliability, credibility and self respect we would have seen an article which would have been articulated with dignity. I am placing the following points in order
Third force is compromised and has engaged in textbook errors.
·       Gets the address location of the person totally wrong. A very basic school boy  
·       Labelling a person or persons, classic political tactic.
·       Hussein Hamid’s details and connections and details are an open book and yet
        there seems to be an investigative show.
·       Allegation of sodomy without substantive facts. 
·      ‘The wrong guy to mess’ is a classical Hollywood hoodlum threat.
·      The uncouth rabid expression in language clearly reveals that the article   
      Mr.Hussein has written is an  expose that has a hit a raw nerve and very seriously
      threatens to derail the third force. The berserk and amok nature of response is
·       Financially it is known that the place and specific location Mr.Hussein is staying
      at is for persons who have a specific income which is certainly not one of those
      exclusive mansions. 
·     Shiver my timbers this person can actually sniff out villains and none can escape
      his wrath. 
Since the third force portrays and seems like such a powerful entity that can crush any like ants in their path, may I respectfully enquire? 
-         Can you please get the villains who squandered or stole 42 billion, 
-         The villain who advocates that underage females who are raped could marry
          their rapist, 
-       Or a preacher who can obtain PR in Malaysia while there are millions who are      
        here since independence denied that very basic right. 
If justice really matters to the third force, it would not be morally squalid and do whatever positive that is the agenda of the third force- is it to fight for all Malaysians and not pick a futile scrap or squabble like some gutter rabble with defacement against a fellow blogger who knows, writes and feels the suffering of peasants like us with a pauper’s pen. 

Challenging a person on pension to come back to Malaysia is the equivalent of challenging RPK to come back to Malaysia, the difference being that the person in Australia is handicapped with a loved one whose life is on the downslide. These little details are not innocently overlooked by what seems an obviously well knowledged, well equipped, intelligent and  battle hardened third force.  It is just another episode of shameless criminality and cruelty that can exist in the strange choices that one makes. The writings have a predictable adversarial leanings in aligning with uncanny calibration with the powerful who have everything to hide, and everything to lose  and have us under their feet.           
Why the threats, innuendos or insinuations from a shelter of convenience and words. Confabulation, fabrication and distortion can be safely presumed in the manner of third force articles and rebuttals. If third force really feels that there is substantive evidence, tender it in a manner that does not insult the intelligence of the common person.  

The sickening picture or picture of a beleaguered exploitative writer with a grandiose exaggerated sense of self-importance and sense of entitlement seem to be projected, not a scratch of humility or humanity in evidence.

I may be clueless and totally wrong, but I certainly am not gutless or spineless when I come across individuals who throw threats like a schoolyard bully. Conceding the third force may be a far superior and an impregnable fortress of goliath proportions -doesn’t confer on it the right to trample on dissent, we are the insignificant David’s with a pebble of defiance using the slingshot of simple unsophisticated morality or rights and wrongs.     

Now I may be naïve and wrong in my assessment, on the probability that third force is of a constitution of decency, please accept my apology. 


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