Sunday, 14 May 2017

Hari Ibu Hari Kafir Laknat. Huh?

steadyaku47 comment : I really don't care a damm that this idiot tells me that Hari Ibu Hari Kafir Laknat! Not a brass farthing! 

What is mother's day to me? It is just another day...another excuse.. to show or respect, reverence and our love for our mothers...and in lieu of  our our own wife. Note that I did not say to our wives....just one our wife! Yes having more than one wife is a no no to me. We now live in a different world from the times when a Sultan can have a Harem and take hundreds of concubines for his own enjoyment. Today we respect each other and if a women can take only one husband...then a husband should take only one wife.

Now back to mother's day. This moron tells me that it is "haram...shirik ...and dosa besar" to celebrate Mother's day....and somewhere in there, for safe measure, he adds "hari syaitan". Really? Now tell me you think Najib did not wish Kah Mah "Happy Mother's Day" this morning when he got up? I am sure he did because he is still alive is he not? Mampus lah si Najib tu kalau dia lupa Mother's Day!

Why is it necessary for this moron to give these kind of sermon/message to Muslims? Whether it is Mother's Day, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Father's Day or the Muslims need to be told what is right and what is wrong? Muslim are even being told who to vote for (no points for guessing who!). Can they not think for themselves?   

So please all you Melayu and Muslims....cuba fakir sikit. Buat lah keputusan yang munasabah dan guna akal sendiri. Jangan, bila Zakir Naik suruh undi PAS or umno - you pon mengundi PAS or umno. Jangan bila Mufti kata tak boleh cabut without the permission of the tak cabut. Jangan bila Mufti kata you can fornicate on a Camel you nak cuba! These religious zealots should stick to what they claim to know best...religion...and even that is debatable and open to must still use your common sense to work out what is right and what is wrong and what is best for you and what is not. 

For now....go celebrate Mother's day with your mother or/and your wife. Make them happy and damm these religious morons. 

comment : 

Hazaha Haris asas keharmonian dunia dlm Islam, mudah@simple, KAU UGAMA KAU, AKU UGAMA AKU', jgn sesekali kita hina ugama lain.

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