Sunday, 14 May 2017



A mother's dream resides in:

Accepting a blank score sheet of life and 
Composing an unfinished symphony 

Accepting a new unwritten book 
Filling each page with a creative story
To be read and understood by all.

Accepting an unrehearsed dance of innocence and,
Teaching the most intricate steps 
Gifting a mystery to the world

A mother's dream resides in:

Accepting an empty canvas 
Dabbing with the artist brush of passion And shading the beautiful colours into life.

Accepting a rough hard marble of life
Chiselling with her sweat, and sculpturing with heartbreaking pain and carving patiently to expose the most beautiful 'David ' that lies within.

A mother's dream resides in:

Accepting the song of the earth, skies and seas and  weaving an unimaginably Beautiful and unforgettable poem of a singing Brook traversing life's paths.

Accepting an actor or actress and casting them to be versatile and embrace the stage of of life.

A mother's dream resides as Divine hope

To graft a  broken branch in her tree of life.
To cover a dying leaf with her warm tears
To tenderly hold a fallen flower
To accept a discarded seed in the soil of her womb

May each mothers dream be great purpose and deep meaning for the ships of life seeking shelter within her harbour.

Blessed and meaningful Mother's Day to you and your loved ones.

Dominic Damian, Jacinta & Family