Thursday, 4 May 2017

Keep your Money for rainy days.

The Ringgit is expected to go down further to RM 4.50 as Ringgit not used as currency's for trading in world market stock exchange. Ringgit tumbled as the govt. further cut on export of crude and import more. Everyone should take precaution as this is a crashed economy as a whole. Bank Negara only held reserved of RM101 billion at this moment. Our debt climbed to 580 billion. Stop buying any property or car. Disaster is on the way.

World Economic Analyst predict Malaysia will collapse. Stock market & currency value will take a nose dive in a drastic manner. 

This is due to world negative economic outlook; World's security issue due to terrorism - ISIS, & middle East conflict. There has been much fear on the Spratly Island; where China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippine and Malaysia want to claim ownership rights. The recent China & Russia military training exercise is to show their military alliance & strength. This is to tell US to lay off. Indirectly to warn US, Japan & Phillipine, do not wage war against China or Russia. 

Malaysia is compounded by political uncertainty; corruption, abuse of one's power & withholding the truth.

The world has perceived Malaysia as no. 1 in world ranking in: i)Corruption & Scandals; and ii) world's champion in Credit Cards forgery. 

So my dear friends & family members; please spend your money wisely. Keep your Money for rainy days. We are heading towards World economic collapse. The days ahead will be difficult and bumpy. The journey is tough & unpredictable. This will hit hard on All of us.
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