Saturday, 13 May 2017

PAS and umno : "God's will" versus the "will of the People".

Think of any imaginable evil you are likely to find in K Hell and you will find it the politics of umno. Greed, lying, scamming, backbiting, power struggles, assassination - both character and real people, is all there. Umno is vulture politics at its worst....politicians no longer want to do "the right thing"...morality by any standards is absent.......they are no longer decent human beings. No moral due diligence. And for their shameful behaviour they always have reasons. 

Any student of History...and are we all not students of History...will tell you of religious  leaders who have waged wars and do other evils to do God's will and work on this Earth. When successful in their endeavours, they take for themselves vast political power to do good or evil to the people and the country they govern in the name of that religion. But these men of God who wield enormous political power have succeeded only in the past when the masses over whom they rule were ignorant or kept deliberately ignorant and in poverty so as to be convinced that what their religious leaders do is God's work on earth and thus it is God's will that they govern.   
Today there are still places on this earth where religion hold enormous sway over vast numbers of people but only in places where people still live in poverty and kept in deliberate ignorance of what their religious leaders do in the name of God's will. Try Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen where leaders ruled with divine authority...and you only need to ask the their people live in freedom? Not bloody likely. Would you care to live in any of these countries? Not bloody likely. 

Now fast forward to the Malaysia of today.

Hadi and najib are using Islam to stay in power. I am not saying that najib and hadi sat down together and plotted and planned the use of politics and religion for their own vested political interest...but is that not what is happening now? Is that not how things are evolving as the PRU 14 nears? 

The "racial" ketuanan Melayu, Bumiputera and the "backward" Malay race argument to justify umno's boasts as champion of the numerical dominant Malays in Malaysia no longer holds any credibility to many Malays and less so to other Malaysians. If after 70 years in government, with absolute political power, umno have failed in the eyes of the people to deliver on the promises they made in every general election, umno cannot ask for another term in government to do what they have so far failed to do in that 70 years. Hence umno  to too many Malaysians, umno no longer has credibility in the eyes of the people to another term in government.

What of PAS?     

With the passing of TGNA, PAS no longer has a leader in whom religious expedience and the demands of politics can be evenly tempered! Under the leadership of TGNA, PAS effectively gained a national presence with a win of 27 seats in 1999, 23 seats in 2008 and 21 seats in 2013  as part of the Barisan Alternatif coalition with PKR and DAP.  

Now there is no TGNA. No Barisan Alternatif. There is only Hadi. And Hadi tells all who will listen to him that PAS with Umno , will win 40 of the 80 seats it will be contesting in PRU14.

From whom will PAS will these seats from?   

First there is Amanah and Bersatu arrayed against PAS. Between those in Amanah and those in Bersatu are the very forces that won PAS much of those 27 seats in PRU 10, 23 seats in the PRU 12 and the 21 seats in PRU 13. Much help came from the non-Malay voters in ensuring PAS these electoral victories. To all these non-Malay voters, PAS can say goodbye. As for the Malay voters there is now the added presence of Tun Dr Mahathir whose ability to once again gather Malay voters onto the side of Bersatu is still to be seen....but suffice to say PAS will have reason to worry about what Tun Dr Mahathir can and cannot do in PRU14.

As for najib he tells you that if you give him political power again in PRU14, he will do good for the Malays and for the other races, for Islam and for the Christians and for all Malaysians. That is simply his sales pitch. Malaysian have voted for najib in the past and what has he done for Malaysians? Just remember these things about najib : Altantuya, 1MDB, that RM2.6 billion donation found in his current account and that wife of his! There are other things worth talking about...but just the thought of what he has already done in these years that he has been in government should be enough reason to NOT want him to be in government anymore...what more to be prime minister!
So what has najib and hadi got left in their arsenal for the coming electoral wars?  

Islam. Now najib and hadi wants to do ALLAH's will and ALLAH's work on this country of ours....and of course to do that, they both need political power! 

You and I and history know that when religious and political leaders are the same people...sanity and common sense gets thrown out of the window - quite like throwing the baby out with the bath water. 

And Hadi fancies himself as Kingmaker in the coming PRU14.

A kingmaker is a person or group that has great influence in a royal or political succession, without being a viable candidate. Kingmakers may use political, monetary, religious, and military means to influence the succession. 

Is Hadi a person of great influence...and is umno a viable candidate to succeed in the politics that we aspire to today? Not bloody likely.......but you and I know that no longer matters to these two. What matters is what they use in their quest for personal glory, vanity and political power. .....dedak and religion....and they will use dedak and religion to our detriment and to the detriment of Islam as we and other right thinking people aspire Islam to be - a religion of peace and tolerance.   

Already they have brought in Zakir Naik to be on their team and had given him PR status to stay in Malaysia. To stay in Malaysia to do what?

The same Zakir Naik wanted by the government of India for his terrorist related activities. The same Zakir Naik who is about about to be put on Interpol red corner notice -  the closest instrument to an international arrest warrant in use today

Already umno is playing PAS like a violin.....manipulating hadi into thinking that he can be a kingmaker and bringing PAS in the fold of BN - a fold that will ultimately politically strangled PAS into oblivion - shades of the 1986 PRU should not be too far from the truth that might befall PAS - that was the time when PAS managed to win only one seat in Parliament!  

Taking PAS away from the opposition is easy enough when dedak is used, the question now is what seats will umno be prepared to give up for PAS to contest against the opposition? Will Umno give up Trengganu to PAS? Not bloody likely! What about Perak and Kedah? Do not talk about having a PAS nominated MB in these states....first umno or PAS will have to win these states! PAS should ask themselves if umno will have enough belief in PAS to win any seats at all - even those in Kelantan...before they will even consider giving up umno seats for PAS to contest. 

These are interesting time that we live in...more interesting for PAS than for anyone else because soon....very very soon, they will be cast adrift by umno when umno is certain that there is no way back for PAS into the opposition coalition....and from the way things are going for PAS and hadi....the end nears with alarming speed. 

And all we can wish for PAS is "God Speed" that end!