Monday, 15 May 2017

Siapa dia hero Melayu?

Monday morning. Melbourne. 

I have been awake since 5.30 this morning. Most of that time have been spent on reflections of what I could write this morning about the Malays. I searched in my mind for a Malay within my life time that I could write about for being a leader among the Malays. There have been many distinguished Malays, many Malays of note in public service, but none outstanding as a leader of men. I then searched back to those Malays before my  time....Malays that I know of from history, from what I have heard people talk of them...for any Malays of note. Again there had been Malays who can be written about for what they have done in history, what they have done to make history and Malays in the service of their masters and of themselves....but again none that I could think of that deserved to be titled as a leader and hero of the times that they lived in. None!

Is there not a single Malay - past and present - that I could justifiably name to have distinguished themselves in the service of others and of our nation? In History past and present, the Chinese and the Indians have many....we Malays have none?

What about Tun Razak? 

Did he not served the nation and its people unselfishly? Did he not sacrifice his own well being in the service to his nation? 

For sure he did but if Tun Razak is to be judged by history, surely his "gift" of that son, najib, to the nation, has nullified all that Tun Razak has done for the nation? Cuba fikir sikit....all that Tun Razak has done for our nation has been destroyed many times over by najib razak. FELDA has become a means for najib and his cronies to make billions at the expense of the very people that his own father had set FELDA up for - the rural Malays. 

The elevation of the Malays to a position of economic and political strength never experienced by Tun Razak  - and meant to raise the Malays to a level where they are able to stand at par with the others, if not better...all this have been hijacked by najib and his cronies for their own personal political and financial gain - and in the process saddled our nation with a national debt of over RM 670 billion and counting and by their action have made Malaysia now,  a by word for corruption and incompetence in the eyes others globally. Whatever Tun Razak has toiled to do for our nation, his son has destroyed many times over. Nab has now  consigned Malaysia to ground level...and such is our situation to day that not satisfied with the situation he has consigned our nation to....najib, by his continued avarice and greed is now making us dig our own grave. And still he will not stop at anything to satisfy his greed. 

And what of umno? Lock stock and barrell, umno also goes his way for the drawing power of dedak pulls even the most principled Malay into the abyss of conspicuous consumption and decadence.

So has perish Tun Razak's legacy at the hands of his own offspring.

So who else among the Malays can be talked of in glory? The Sultans? We have had hundreds of them...and none of them...none....have distinguished themselves in the service of their state or their people. None! No hero, no warriors...plenty of lanuns, bullies, cowards and fornicators. Drunks even. But no heroes!    

So what are we Malays to do when looking for heroes we can emulate? 

Look no further then yourself! 

The future beckons...but first we must rid ourself of these riff raffs who call themselves Yang Berhormat, Bugis Warriors, pseudo Tunkus and champions of the Malays...and those Malay dato's...ya many of them and yet so undistinguished and so enamoured and partial to the good life they live with our money....we must rid ourselves of all these Malays before they can be any Malay heroes who will serve not themselves but others. We must ourselves, in any small way we can, be those Malay heroes if the Malays are to be of any use to themselves, to our nation and to its future. If we do not then we will consign our own race to always be among those "also-ran" but never a winner!