Friday, 20 October 2017

cakap cakap...Dzul go take a cold shower!

I thought Khalid the Tweet was bad....and then along came this fornicating SPRM Ketua Pengarah who makes even that Kinatbatangan MP Bung Moktar Radin of the "non-halal kidney fame" seems to pale in comparison! The audacity of this guy to boldly announce that he will not bow down to "dirty tactics" when he was the one who had that  "dirty weekend" in Bali! 

Is this the "new normal" for our men in uniform? Khalid the Tweet was Najib's "budak suruhan" and had no problems with members of his own family indulging in selling the very guns and ammunition's that could be used to kill his own officers and by so doing made it okay and alright for other to come after him to do the same thing. 

This KP SPRM goes the whole hog...Not only is it okay for Men in Uniform to  be Najib's "budak suruhan", sell guns and ammunitions that could be used to kill their own these men in Uniform can have their "dirty weekend" in Bali with some one else's wife and tell us all that he will not bow down to any one that uses "dirty tactics" to dirty him! Woi brother....tepuk dada and tanya diri sendiri lah".... who is doing the "dirty work?"

Politicians in BN have already sunk so low by the things they do in the name of government : cheating, stealing, scamming, lying and God knows what Men in Uniform have started to dig into the ground and bury themselves in the same filth and dirt as these BN politicians? Where got road lah!

Dzul ......let me try and make you understand a few things. I remember the time when, as CPO of Pahang, my late father got to know about a mata mata who was fooling around with a women while married to another one. Within 24 hours he was promptly transferred to one of those Ulu police stations of which there were plenty of in Pahang. My old man was of the opinion that not only must his officers, himself included, be seen to be men of good character and standing in the eyes of the public...they MUST also be men of good character and standing! kapish? 

You need to lead by example.....a simple logical rational thing for any decent leader to emulate so that men under his command will have respect for that leader. All this seems to escape your consciousness! Why, I do not know....but I guess having your brains stuck in your zipper must have something to do with it! Puti....

Dzul do the right thing....go take a cold shower!