Thursday, 15 March 2018

Boleh? Mesti boleh!

"Parliament speaker Pandikar’s persistent stonewalling of all questions related to 1MDB is part of the chain of defence insulating PM Najib from the nuclear fallout of his self-made mega 1MDB bomb. Other parts of the chain are the judiciary, attorney general, police and MACC. 

The mission of this chain is to ensure safe passage for Najib up to polling day, despite challenges from scandals arising from numerous infarction of the law such as unconstitutional appointment of chief justice, unconstitutionally redelineated electoral roll, the perverted jailing of Anwar, and countless corruption scandals.
The rule of law has no doubt collapsed, and the only way to redeem the country is to beat Umno/BN in the imminent election". 
author unknown

That was sent to me via whatsapp a few minutes ago...and it struck a chord within me....because those were exactly the words, the structure and the way I wanted to write of what is now happening in Malaysia as GE 14 nears. I cannot put it in any better way then that....and so I will start with the above words and now continue with my own.
Everything that the Idiot can do to ensure that he will still stay as PM of our beloved country he has done, is doing and will continue to do in the coming days before, during and even after GE14. Read that sentence again and again until you understand...."EVERYTHING HE CAN DO HE WILL DO"...LEGAL, ILLEGAL, COVERT, limits!
What does that mean? Go read the first paragraph of this article again..."THE RULE OF LAW HAS COLLAPSED, AND THE ONLY WAY TO REDEEM THE COUNTRY IS TO BEAT UMNO/BN IN THE IMMINENT ELECTION". 
Can we beat umno/BN in the imminent election? 
Maybe we can, maybe we is too close to call in an open, free and fair election and in a free and open and fair election, I am prepared to abide by the results of the open, free and fair election... for that is what a democracy is. 
But this will not be a open, fair and free election. That we have already established. 
There is no need for me to tell you why it is so....just this week we hear Azmin Ali, MB of Selangor tell us that the water situation in Selangor has been the result of an inept, mismanaged, irresponsible SPLASH that is in collusion with Umno to inflict upon the people of Selangor, all the suffering that can be inflicted upon them by depriving them out of one of our most fundamental need - WATER. In other words anything at their disposal, even the supply of such a vital need in our lives, WATER, this BN government has no scruples in using, if by so doing they can win brownie points against a PH controlled state! What a despicable thing to do...make the people of Selangor suffer just to win a few brownie points in the coming election.
But the people of Selangor understand their situation well. They understand that should PH wins this general election, then the contract that SPLASH currently now has with the BN Federal Government will be a contract with a PH Federal Government. And a PH Federal Government will know what to with an errant SPLASH to ensure that the people of Selangor will no longer have a water problem.
So imagine dear friends, what a PH Federal Government can achieve !!!!
These are the 10 things they promise us they will do in the first 100 days. 

1. To abolish Goods and Services Tax (GST)
2. To reintroduce fuel subsidies
3. To eliminate unnecessary debts that were forced on FELDA settlers
4. To introduce the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) scheme for housewives
5. To standardise the monthly minimum wages of employees across the whole 


6. To ease the burden of National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN)

loan borrowers

7. To set up a Royal Commissions of Inquiry into scandal-ridden institutions
8. To restore Sabah and Sarawak's autonomous rights, as enshrined in the 

Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63)

9. To introduce 'Skim Peduli Sihat' 
10. To review all mega projects

Jangan kata they will do these 10 things in the first 100 days...just do five of the above things and we will already be on our way towards claiming back our country, our future and more important, OUR government. And from there there will be no turning back as we head towards what we can and must do to leave a better Malaysia to our future generations then the one we are now living in. 
Saudara saudari sekalian....whether you be Muslims or Infidels....mari kita beganding bahu...let us all stand solidly together and march in front of Tun Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang and Azizah to protect them....protect them all the way to Putrajaya for God and ALLAH knows that they need our protection...and let us all together take Putrajaya away from this odious, corrupt and dedak infested umno led BN government! 
Boleh? Mesti boleh!
I am one, with you we are two. Who else will join us!

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