Friday, 2 October 2009

Bagan Pinang - One Tan Sri. Two Datuks.

The wheeling and the dealing has started in Bagan Pinang. This Isa Samad have pledged – with hands on his heart and the other hand with fingers crossed behind his back – that he will win Bagan Pinang. But he will not do what he did when he got caught for money politics in UMNO the last time. That time he was physically handing over the money like nobody’s business – thinking that those that took the money from him will know that he is generous – and that they can count on him to give them more when elected. He was elected but he did not count on Pak Lah’s insistence that they go after Isa and when UMNO members knew that Isa was going to be the ‘sacrificial lamb’ of money politics -the very people who took money from Isa now took money again to declare that Isa had bribed them! As they say there is no honour among thieves. Isa is not sorry for his involvement in money politics – he is just sorry that he was caught.

Nobody is going to catch Isa giving money in Bagan Pinang. But the money is there for the taking. And they have so much to give away that they need three guys to do it…and here is the thing. Isa and UMNO are not keen to throw money around no no…they have got these three guys to do it for them. And not only that - they are not using Malays this time around.

And do not say that UMNO are not  smart…sorry the word is ‘devious’. Do not think that UMNO is not devious. Isa/UMNO will be not using Malays. They will also not be using their own money (well our money actually but that is a technicality – possession is nine tenth ownership)….and UMNO and Isa want to physically keep as far away as they can from the actual giving of money.

They have manage to get three chinese ‘volunteers’ to do it for them.

So let us recap. They have got three chinese towkays…one a Tan Sri and two Datuks who have all beniftted from  Isa’s era as MB of Negri Sembilan  - to volunteer to help them in Bagan Pinang. As Najib and Isa have told these three -  it is pay back time. They have made their money from business opportunities given to them by Barisan now it is time to donate towards Isa’s cause.

Now with Pak Lah…he does not want to know about money politics – he thinks out of sight  means there is no money politics. With Najib and Mahyuddin it is different. They know what Isa is doing with these thee guys and they know that these three guys will have to be compensated for their ‘donation’ in the future.

This is what money politics is. These three Chinese Towkays will ‘invest’ on Isa wining the by - election. Isa knows it. Najib and Mahyuddin knows it. UMNO knows it. And those taking the money knows where to go to get the money. It is a merry go round and they think that we do not know about it?

I know who the three are and I will name them –

·      Tan Sri Gan
·      Dato Chua
·      Dato Yap

Everybody who is anybody in UMNO Bagan Pinang knows where to go to get the money. So my friend I suggest if you are going to Bagan Pinang and if you are interested in finding out if any money is being thrown around in the name of Isa or UMNO – don’t look for Isa doing it. Look for where these three Chinese Towkays are. Keep your eye on them and on their people. They will be all over Bagan Pinang and in the coffee houses of the hotels in Port Dickson and anywhere else they can go to hand over the money to those who will want it.

So if the UMNO disciplinary board are keeping their eyes on Isa and his machai…don’t lah. Suggest you keep your eye on the following:
Tan Sri Dr Gan Kong Seng
PK Resources Bhd (PLC)
Development of Nilai township.
Dato' Chua Tiong Moon
Era Baru Sdn Bhd.
Property Development/ Investment Holding Company doing business in Negri Sembilan. 

Dato' Yap Kat Boon
Different companies for different projects in Negri Sembilan.
Mostly JV with Isa's proxies.

Three Chinese Towkays are taking a very expensive gamble that ISa will win. That UMNO will win the next GE that they will have enough time before the next GE to recoup their ‘investments’. There have not put a cap on what they are willing to spend in Bagan Pinang – they have told Isa that they will give whatever is needed. As I have said before there will always be rats swimming to the sinking ship of UMNO and there will always be suckers to do the dirty work for Isa and UMNO.

Friends I ask that you make sure that at least one of your friends will read this posting of mine. Please do this – forward this posting to someone else. Print it and have it distributed to as many people as you can. I want this information to go to every one that you think are with us. We must do this!  Even if we cannot stop these three towkays from giving away their money for UMNO, for Isa – if enough people know about this posting, at the least it will make them uncomfortable. At the most it will shame them into doing it under the table. Let us show that we have the numbers to make a difference. Will you all do this for me, for our cause in Bagan Pinang and for all of us. Please do it NOW!     


  1. bro, u repeated latok chua's info & missed out latok yap's ...

  2. tqs Bro..have done the correction! Appreciate it.

  3. Bro. HH,

    Tan Sri Gan, developer of Nilai Township?

    No wonder Isa is presently staying in Nilai in a big house!

    Hit them bro! hit them hard!

  4. tks tuan ; kalau nama2 mereka boleh
    diberi dalam b.cina lagi senanag di-recognized lo !

  5. Done my part.

    Linked in this blog to below site !


  6. Brilliant job, HH, thanks. Will promote this post! :-0

  7. Salam. I have gladly posted your article on my Twitter & Facebook accounts. Keep up the great expose. The countdown to GE-13 has definitely begun.

  8. Well done Pak Hussein for the exposure. These UMNO gays tak tahu malu. It is only money that they think off. I will do a posting to support your cause in my blog.

  9. How come you get this information when you are in Australia.
    Please take care. These guys have money and they will anything to just to maintain their status quo. You know what I mean.

  10. The house Isa is staying was built by Tan Sri Gan's company. No secret.

  11. Good job, bro HH! It is time ti sock it to them!! Go for the jugular and rip them apart. Thanks for the tip; I will do my best to spread the word.

  12. Voice - u ask me how I get my information? well I have friends - anybody that comes to steadyaku47 becomes not only my friend but our friend - and i really believe in this networking-they give me ideas on what to write, if I do not do it right they tell me so...and they send me information which I check and cross check before I write.

    If you can help in this please do so - When I wrote on the Penan recently it was because one of our friends brought it to my attention. On Bagan Pinang - I have been working on it for a long time.

    Keep in touch.


  13. Your messages remind us of the heroic days of yore where some noble brave folks took it upon themselves to do what they think is right , with great effort and ingenuity, and high risks to life and limb. We salute you and shall do what we too think is right, taking a cue from here.

  14. Encik HH,

    We can't stop the 3 towkays from giving away money to help Isa/UMNO>

    We shall spread your article around. We also need to tell the voters "Take the money from UMNO but vote for PAS".

    I am so glad there are still kind souls like you around.


  15. Hi Bro HH, you make me proud to be Malaysian no need for the Prefix '1' the bastard politicians break us Malaysians of all different races and religions apart for their selfish and greedy needs. I will pass these great article around, By the way you know anything about the rumor last GE the NS MIC chief had RM 10 million stashed at his house. I'll make sure the 6 members of my family will vote these greedy BN & MCA Leeches.

  16. WHere is the law broken???? Specifics? Documents? Proofs?

    Links and association don't mean anything, Hussein.

    You are just hearsay. I dare you leave your name and address!

  17. Dear Hussein Sir,
    If you don't mind, I've quoted your article in a chat site and also on my blog (though only you know about my blog) :-)

  18. eh! How do I get some of this loot? I can donate it to some worthwhile charity.

  19. Good job Bro HH.

    Promoted in Singapore.

    All the best...

  20. ganchuayap / yapganchua / chuayapgan / ganyapchua / yapchuagan / chuganyap
    @#$%^&*&^%$#@#$%^&*&^%$#@ ....!

  21. posted on my facebook too, thx HH..seremban hakka boy

  22. Let me tell you all here the "TRUTH" : None of the 3 mentioned r Babi/piggies Towkays. They may be there discreetly or thru their frontmen/frontwoman distributing (past)illgotten gains(through ExMB Isa Samad).

    The "genuine" Piggy towkay who will be in PD fulltime n OPENLY distributing CASH to gangster-heads(Chinese/Indian)/car-owners n drivers/phantom-voters/outstation-voters/armycamp-superiors/umno-branchleaders/media reporters is

    Dr Yeow Chai Thiam (Defeated Ex EXCO of Lukut n current State MCA head) the REAL PIG-TOWKAYs (MB ISA n EXCO Yeow) behind the PFA(Centralised Pig Farming Area)Project in Bukit Pelandok,

    Datul Khoo Chai Kah of Brem Holding(PLC) is only their front(company).

    ExMB ISA the UMNO candidate through Yeow direct all infra-structure developments at the 5000acres projects.They used State organs (EXCO n Imapro State company)to compulsory acquired this rubber-estate lands from Guthrie(PLC)-Ask Tan Sri Khalid -he was the Guthrie CEO-he knows- Get him to come n speak in Bagan Pinang- he can confirm how xMB ISA armtwisted Guthrie over their estate-lands in Tanah Merah and Nilai through compulsory acquisitions and engineered their nominees to make the killings. BREM’s Datok Khoo has to pay for Isa/Yeow's behalf the conversion/subdivision fees of 1000 acres industrial lands there. That's how former Datuk Rais's State govt fixed price of RM 14,000 per acre to the displaced pig-farmers is jacked up to RM140,000 per acre under ISA/Yeow regime. and they got these net saleable converted industrial lands of 1000 acres from Datok Khoo FREE! All the records and documents is still in the State govt today .

    MACC -- if this is not corruption and abuse of power,what is?

  23. Tan Sri Gan will be there with his mistress Lee Pit Chen(the present MCA wanita head). Mdm Lee will be openly campaigning, speaking and handing out $$$$

  24. HH,

    Your 3rd Datok (Yap Kap Boon) is not correct/update/current. Datok Yap has been financially paralysed by the ExMB Mohd Isa privatised Market project because the Seremban Market refused to move!!! Datok Yap is getting by now (after the fall of Isa) through illegal activities like prostitution, ah-long business.....go check your facts!!!

  25. Latok Chua (know by Seremban boys as Siow-Chai) wont be there, he got his big one through Isa 's help in approving his Era Commercial Complex project,linking it with Seremban Main Bas Terminal. His RMcash will be channeled through Latok Yeow/MCA Chief/another Isa partner. and Latok Yeow will walloped half of the money for his own by making dummy acconts.

  26. Uncle HH,

    Bravo to you and your blog !!

    Your blog will become another thorn to the umno lanun !

    Keep up the good work ! You are saving motherland from the hands of the evil !

  27. that's why i hate the property developers.... they are corrupt to the core... curse them!

  28. worms r clawing out , tks !

  29. Apa tunggu...make an official report. sembang tak guna...

  30. sure or not....
    if really got, I also want. Not for myself. I wanna give it to charity better....!!!

    How is it that you can get all these info when our MACC is so "tak tau" about it...??????

    About the so-called 4000 over postal votes. Are they for "real"...????

    If "not" we are duped again..!!!!

  31. Isa also gave Tan Sri Gan several thousand acres of land near Seremban in 2004 just before he step down as MB.

  32. Let us face facts.At independence it was the Kuok family among others, then later it was the Tan Koon Swans, later other MIC members and honorary Bumiputras like Goh Thong,TYL,Ting,Vincent Tan, george Tan etc etc-you know what I mean-Now new Honorary members include many malay billionaires and Ananda Krishnan-all these are the people who make money, usethe politicians for contracts and share their commissions-no need to go far-dont blame the Malays-blame the Chinese businessmen who want the status quo-money-lah! It doesnt matterthat MCA doesnt not want merdeka university-because UMNO objects-but money coming in.Chinese have caused this generally and I am not stereotyping.

  33. My Dear Fellow Brother,
    I salute you, being a true Muslim to spill the beans and i sincerely hope and pray that the people of Bagan Pinang has the brains expecially our fellow malay brothers and sisters to throw out the "unwanted specimen"

  34. These so called Tan Sri and Datuks are the real TRAITORS to all Malaysians who want change for the future of our children and these bastards are depriving of our wishes.

  35. Aiyah think of all these monies as tax return lah. BN give money we accept lah; don't bising bising. But when it come to voting time, just vote for PR; also jangan bising bising.
    They play dirty, so we can also play dirty lah. Isn't that fair?