Wednesday, 30 January 2013

cakap cakap..... I still have many 'wants' but my 'needs' are few.

Before you go any further to read and see what I have in this posting let me say a few words first. I can only speak for myself. I am comfortable in the skin that I am in. I still have many 'wants' but my 'needs' are few. 

The 'wants' I can do without because wanting a Jaguar is merely pandering to memories that I still have of the Jaguars that I have had before. Wanting to visit London again is just to relive the times of my life with my then girlfriend now wife.   

My needs I cannot do without! It is to be with loved ones for I know we will one day leave each other. Nothing else really matters. Everything else simply embellish the times we still have of our life.

Now almost on a daily basis I see how our people are making politics to be the great divide of their life! As if nothing else matters. Let me tell you this my friends....there is life after politics. 

The following videos are of tyrants and dictators in their final hours before death. How when all their grandeur and majesty has been stripped off their last conscious moments before they die.....what do you think they think off? Even after they think about God? 

I cannot say for sure but this I know. For myself it will be FAMILY - Wife, Children and grandchildren if you have them. And so for me I make myself look at these videos and I know that though I am not wealthy or blessed with many friends or acquaintances...I have what matters to me around me NOW. That is all that matters for me. Ask yourself what is important to you.

Now if you want to see the final moments of these once great self proclaimed leaders and think for yourself what their final thoughts so. It is never pleasant to watch these things but it does makes one think of how fragile life is! And friends, politics will never be one of those things!          

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They were so powerful and untouchable at one time and ruled with an iron fist but in the end they were killed like stray dogs. Hope these videos will serve as a warning to all leaders of the world, including Malaysia, that your fate is not determined by your iron fist rule, but by the people.