Thursday, 31 January 2013


steadyaku47 comment: 

Following is an email I received recently. Contents are self explanatory. While we have agreed to disagree on a number of issues the writer shows that it can all be done with grace. I have replied to the writer via email and what I wrote to him is for him to know.  At my request he has given me permission to post this email on steadyaku47. I trust you will read it in the manner that I did and with these thoughts - I think that every Malaysian has a role in making things right. We may not agree on how we can make things right and what to do but we all know that our country is in trouble. For now he will remain as Anon:   

steadyaku47 comment:

Have just received a request from Anon to take down his posting "PAKATAN BETTER THAN BN" from steadyaku47. Yesterday I requested his permission to post that letter on this blog and he had agreed that I can do so. He wants it taken out today because "he is uncomfortable with the sudden very very negative attention" he is now getting. I will do as he has requsted. Maaf.