Saturday, 12 January 2013

You Najib Fuckers...panggil bodoh engkau orang marah...but please lah nak tipu pakai otak sikit!

The Himpunan Kenbangkitan Rakyat is just over a few hours ago and already the Cyber Troopers are going troppo. They are disputing the number of Rakyat who attended the gathering and as proof of it all they posted pictures to proof their facts! They tell us images do not lie.

They posted a picture of Merdeka Stadium half full saying that the crowd numbered probably, at most 30,000.It is the second picture below.

Here is how stupid these idiots are. The picture they posted shows the Stadium less than half full. Agree! But it was taken hours after the gathering when the majority of the crowd has gone home peacefully  as requested by the organizers.

Look at the three photo below. 

The top one is of the gathering at its height. The Staduim is overflowing with our people.

The middle picture with the stadium half full is the one taken after most of the crowd has gone home and this idiot tells us that it was the true record of how big the crowd was. 

And the last picture is one when everybody has gone home!

I am waiting for one of those idiots to post the third picture (of an empty Merdeka Stadium!) and tell us all that nobody turned out for the gathering. 

Bro fair is fair lah. We are not stupid idiots. Alahai you orang mesti marah kalau kita panggil kau orang bodoh! But please lah....pakai otak sikit when you are trying too pull the wool over our eyes. 


 Bro go Fuck yourself!

steadyaku47 apology:
Maaf to my regulars for the swearing....but I just get really, really, really mad when they take us for idiots!