Sunday, 20 January 2013

If today we were to go to the poll Nurul is finished. This is the sickening part of PKR. None of their people are doing anything except finding fault with this and that person and giving excuses.

Dear Hussein,

As you can see they have spam me left and right.  Hopefully I can get back my blog to continue our journey to ABU.

Today I want to talk about Nurul.  Certain people and myself too have offered to help Nurul do the ground work in Lembah Pantai.  But being Nurul she is too proud to accept.  Thinking that by depending on her father's name the sky will fall just for her.

If today we were to go to the poll Nurul is finished.  This is the sickening part of PKR.  None of their people are doing anything except finding fault with this and that person and giving excuses.  I do not understand what Nurul is doing.  The people concern and myself have nothing to gain financial from helping her because our children are leaving or have left this country.  We simply want to cure this disease that Mahathir and BN had inflicted on us.

Why? why?  I hope through your source and writing maybe just maybe that girl come to her senses now before it is too late.

Will you try to convince Nurul?

My prayers are constantly for you and your wife.

Take care.

That was the first email I looked at this morning as I got up from sleep and reached out for my PC to see what had transpired as I slept. 

I woke up with a dull ache in my head because a funny thing happened on the way to having a quiet time out with my wife. Its funny now but not when it was all happening yesterday...but I am ahead of myself here. Let me go back to yesterday before we talk about the email above. 

Around noon yesterday (Saturday) we (my better half and myself) decided that we would go look see a weekend Market nearby. So we got a short tram ride (two stops) and got off to walk the short distance to a school nearby where it was all happening. We walked around the stalls for about 20 minutes and then decided that we would have lunch. So I sat Lucy on a bench while I went to get lunch - sausage with onions on a slice of bread. 

As I walked back towards Lucy with lunch, I saw that the ukulele band (about 10 guys and girls with ukulele) was about to start their concert just a few feet from where we were to have our lunch.  All seems good. The weather was perfect, the company good and the food cheap and to top it all we were going to be serenaded with live music! What else would you asked for on a Saturday afternoon!

I sat down beside my wife and she took her first bite of the lunch....and then I saw her drifting away into unconsciousness...and within a minute I was holding on to her and asking a lady nearby to call for an ambulance. Two ladies came over to help and they seem to know what they were doing and suggested that we put Lucy on the ground. As we were doing so I slipped and hit my head on the kerb - and before I knew it - there was blood everywhere from the wound....though I can categorically say that I was still (ahem!) heroically focused on the welfare of my wife and not bothered about my wound. 

So we have a situation where the Ukulele band was in full swing singing "You Are my Sunshine", my wife unconscious on the ground being attended by two ladies.  Myself with blood running down my head, being attended to by another lady and everyone around us undecided whether to listen to "You are my sunshine" or see a real life 'medical emergency" drama unfolding before their very eyes.

Anyway the Ambulance people - again three ladies - came within minutes and took both of us to the nearby St Vincent hospital. My son came over soon after he knew what happened and within hours we were given the all clear and left for home. Yes my wife was unconscious but I lost blood, I was bandaged and I had the injections - not my wife - and I kept reminding my wife of this all day! 

Its funny now but not when you are the participants in a real life medical drama. Anyway all is good and we are all on the road to another Market next week.

Now back to the above email.

That email encapsulate what a lot of us now feel about matters within the PKR camp. 

Can I just say this to Saudara Anwar - you better start to work on the PR side of your campaigning for the 13th GE before whatever goodwill that you might  still have are forever lost by the unthinking and unfeeling reaction by your people to those of us that want to assist PKR and Pakatan Rakyat in their journey towards Putrajaya. 

Nurrul is still young and in need of much guidance and learning but we know she will get there eventually. Maybe a loss at Lembah Pantai might do her ego some good, maybe not!

Do this now Saudara before love turns to hate, before our support turns towards a point where it works against the interest of Pakatan Rakyat and before our liking of PKR and Pakatan Rakyat turns to dislike and disgust. There are not too many die hard supporters of PKR - most are on the border line - and there are enough of them on the borderline to make a difference to winning or losing at the polls.

Turun padang now Saudara!