Monday, 6 June 2016

Life...Why not, just for a moment, think of those that you call family.

If there is any of you out there that needs being reminded that death will come to everyone of us...this past week must have been a sobering one.

Our DPM lost his son-in-law...a tragic death for one who is was only 44. And no matter what anybody wants to make out of it by saying that there were Malaysians who thought that to be more a blessing than a sadness, I want to believe more in the goodness of us all.....and that we will all, no matter our faith or our ethnicity, join our DPM and his family in their grief and offer our heartfelt condolences for their unbearable loss.

And yesterday we lost the Greatest : Mohammad Ali...the one that floats like a butterfly and sting like a bee....even Ali dies.

What are we who are still in the land of the living to do with the rest of our lives?

Before you sit down to contemplate the after life....

Before you make ready once again to go to the Masjid to join your peers in more doa and prayers... before you recite those Koran verses 100 times in praise of ALLAH, for the dead and for the living.....and for yourself......

Before you open once again the Koran to read and reflect upon the messages it teaches you about life here and in the hereafter.....

Before all that....I urge you to reflect first upon those who are around you. 

Do they lack for anything? 

Not for the physical and material things that so many of us crave for....that will come and go with the rhythm of life. 

Not for the wants that drives so many of us to distraction in the seeking of it.....for we know that even as we have these wants, we will want for more......

Not for what the future will bring, for if we are comfortable with our lot, the future will have a way of providing for all of our expectations of it. 

Not for any of those things!   

Why not, just for a moment, think of those that you call family. 

Your wife and children, your father and mother and those who are precious to your life. Ask yourself what can you give of yourself to them for today...for the evening...for the few minutes that you will have between "buka puasa" and your leaving for the Masjid....ask yourself what can you give of yourself to them. 

A kind word perhaps to those around you....perhaps a smile and a moment of reflection for all that your wife have done for the day to make Ramadan that much more meaningful....maybe a moment to give thanks to your children for the grandchildren they have brought into the world to continue your generation....your parents for the life they have given you....and all this will but take a few moments of our time....and once will make your walk to the Masjid a more fulfilling one. Peace be upon you.