Saturday, 6 August 2016

Be cool or you will be a fool. Do your thing and you will be King!

This is what I have learned from the NET this morning - do not eat chicken, red meat, have sex, breath or be in love....and of course no coffee too!

Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Chicken | Other | Living | PETA
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Official: Breathing air is bad for your health – The Sun
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16 Scientific Reasons Love Is Bad For You - BuzzFeed
Feb 12, 2014 - And since romantic love is an addiction, the stages of being dumped are similar to getting off crack: tolerance (“I'm fine as long as I can see you ...

10 Reasons To Quit Coffee (Plus Healthy Alternatives)
Coffee: Is it good or bad for us? ... Ask any coffee drinker about how it feels to withdraw from coffee, and you will mistake their story for that of a drug addict's.

Now tell me how is anyone expected to live the good life with all these negativity? I have studiously ignored all of the above all of my life. What then are the lessons to be derived from all this? Anything you do, anything you think, anything you say, anything you eat anything to do with life there will always be someone, somewhere who will be for or against what you do. 

So be cool or you will be a fool. Do your thing and you will be King!