Sunday 28 August 2016

Toyo : The corrupt ex-MB with his brain stuck in his zippers!

Toyo wed for the second time, with Muslim convert Christine Zanitrah Abdullah.

A second marriage for Khir Toyo

A second marriage for Khir Toyo

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo today wed for the second time, with civil servant Christine Zanitrah Abdullah.

It is understood that Dr Mohamad Khir, 51, and 39-year-old Christine Zanitrah, whose original name was Christine Tan before she converted to Islam last April, got married at a ceremony held in the country.

This was confirmed to Bernama by a source close to Dr Mohamad Khir.

The source said Christine Zanitrah was a civil servant working in Putrajaya.

The source also handed several photos showing the new bride wearing a wedding dress made by local designer Datuk Radzuan Radziwill.

Dr Mohamad Khir’s first marriage was to Zaharah Kechik in the 1990s and the couple have three children together.
steadyaku47 comment : Not only has this man allowed greed to bring him down to the depths of odious contempt and disgust reserved for those who have used, abused and misused their public office for personal gain, now it would seems that his brains are stuck in the zipper of his trousers....close to where his penis is! 

When he was MB Selangor he took what he could to satisfy his greed. While you and me will look yearningly at the latest Mercedes as it whizzes past us, we do not go out and steal one to satisfy that yearning. But this Jawa...he wanted a mansion for a house and he went out to get one...not caring the right and wrong of how he did so. 

Now he wants a younger wife. 
So do many of us! But all we do is look and never touch for even if we can afford another wife, there are things to consider. That wife that you married many many years ago when she was in her prime and have since grown old together with you. You also consider the children that the two of you have had and ask yourself "How will I explain another wife to them?" and most of all you know that lust is passing and can be satisfied in many other ways than a marriage. If you want milk, you do not have to buy the whole cow!

But not this guy....after all the loyalty his wife has shown him during his trial, conviction and incarceration for corruption how does he repay her? By taking a second wife!
 Toyo and his now first wife.
For sure there will be a Mufti or two who will jump to his defence by praising this Jawa for bringing over a convert into Islam. Let me tell these Muftis this : when you bring over a convert into Islam because your brain is stuck in your zipper...I do not think that ALLAH will award you any brownie points. 
I would suggest that these Muftis gives the Jawa the same advice I intend to give him. Toyo the next time you get an erection because of any other women - whether a convert or not - do what most people do....go take a cold shower. And if the cold shower does not help,  masturbate. 
Go and ask Najib - Go and ask him what he does when he too would have the urge to marry another one from time to time. He too masturbates because he does not want to hurt Kak Rosmah by marrying a younger wife...though some mischievous bugger insists that it is she who will be hurting him if he does marry any other wife (convert or not a convert!)....but I digress. 
Toyo you are indeed a despicable man....but the deed is done....because there will always be a women who are willing to be a second third or fourth wife of some men for reasons best known to themselves. And as long as there are men like Toyo, there will have a husband. For me, the business of men having two, three or four wives are simply a blight on the Islamic religion. Something that should be consigned to the rubbish bin where it belongs!

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