Monday, 1 August 2016

cakap cakap : Designate Rosmah as a "security area" under NSA?

Act allows Najib Razak to designate any area as a 'security area', where he can deploy forces without a warrant

steadyaku47 comment : Saya nak tanya sikit....Can Najib declare Rosmah a "no go" or "security area" under this New Security Act?

Siapa setuju a show of hands please!

Technically, by weight and/or size, Rosmah is arguably big enough to be designated an "area" kan? Not a State or a Territory...just an area! And with this Act Najib can declare any pubic area a "no go" or "security area".....

......err I mean public area!  I know lah that there are "pubic areas" on Rosmah (shaved or not is for her and Najib to know and for us to find out!). I are NOT talking about those areas! Please lah don't put words in my mouth! Jangan buat kachau for me. I am staying clear of Rosmah's pubic area! I am told, by reliable sources, that Najib too keeps clear of that areas.....even on Friday sunat nights....but that is another story to tell.
Back to the issue at hand...
Can Najib declare Rosmah a "security area?" Put this tape around her to keep people out and keep her in: At least this act is doing something good! 
Habis cerita.