Monday, 1 August 2016

cakap cakap : "Ssein, engkau ni sekarang trying to be popular ka?"

11.25 PM in Melbourne and the weekend will be officially over in less that forty minutes.  My wife is asleep in the bed beside me and I have the TV on mute on Channel Ten watching Live the German F1 Grand Prix....Lap 64 of 67 with Hamilton in the lead. The weekend may be over but I have already pumped myself up with coffee in anticipation of a long night ahead post something that would make it worth your while to click on to my blog tomorrow morning.  

Life is good. 

Circumstance has given me the freedom to write about what is happening in Malaysia without fear or favour. Without fear that anyone can harm my personal self physically or otherwise and without favour because what I write needs only to please me - no one else. The freedom from fear, and the lack of favours to do, allows this blog to make enemies of friends and friends of enemies without worrying too much about the niceties of relationship and the after math of those who will seek me out to inform me in the most excruciating manner of their displeasure of what I write about them. In short I dance to my own tune but I do take into consideration the druthers of those who stop by to read what I write.  

Many of you read what I write because I put into words what is in your mind or hearts...the same reason I go to Clare's Sarawak Report every time I get a email informing me of a new posting by her....and she usually does not disappoint! I read what Matriam Mokhtar, Mahathir and a few others write for the same reason too. 

Recently...just weeks son gave me a smart phone. Since then I have been familiarising myself with what the social media is capable of doing... keeping the world, you and me in touch with each other in real time...and this wonderful gift to blogers like me is invaluable because it means I am now a part of the global community....and it does not cost me a single cent....not even for a phone call to the other side of the globe! I shake my head at the wonder of it all. I am now a total convert, giver and taker of all that is on the NET! 

Not everything that I post onto this blog is mine. If I come across anything interesting, I want to share it with those who click onto steadyaku47. If I know who to thank for using those interesting posts, I will thank them ......or better still credit them as being the owner of those posts....but sometimes I do not know who to thank or credit those postings too...and I say so. It is not my intention to take credit for the work of others. In as far as anything that is mine that I post onto this site please feel free to use it as you think fit....tak payah nak credit me for it....just you sharing what I write with others is thanks enough for me!  

Recently I have had a few emails chiding me for wanting to be a "popular" blogger. They have been reading what I write for many years, so they tell me, and I believe them because from time to time they have posted their comments on this blog......but recently they have been disappointed because steadyaku47 is no longer a "mainstream" blogger who takes pride in making the blog his own by posting his own thoughts ...rather I have been posting so many posts by others that they are now "blur" as to what steadyaku47 stands for!

I am sorry if what I do have disappoint some of you that have been with me for a good many years. Let me explain where I am at today. From my own experience, when I am surfing the NET....this is what I do. At most....I most...I will take just a few seconds to see if the site I have clicked myself to, is "interesting" enough to warrant me to stay a bit longer to read what is on that blog. By the same token, I have the same "few seconds" to get you to stay and read what I have written on this blog. And I know that I am only as good as the last post that I have written and posted onto steadyaku47. 

So knowing all this, what do you think I have to do to get you guys to visit me everyday? Numero uno I have to update my blog daily.....update not with trash or drivel...but with "content" that interests you pressure on me bro....but think of it.....everyday I have to make you want to click onto steadyaku47! Whatever I write will not be enough to do that...."content" is, comedy, satire once in a while, reflections on life and the doings of our fellow humans and of course, my own writing that reflects my thoughts, my opinions and my take on what is happening in bolehland.....all this I try to put into this blog with one proviso : I do so because I think it is interesting enough to share with all you guys....and that friends is what I try to do with steadyaky47.

I am constantly amazed and uplifted that you do read what I write and what I post here. Thank you!

It is now 12.22AM and Hamilton has won the German Grand Prix. We are already into Monday. I know this will be the story most of you will read tomorrow morning.....or maybe tonight because it is only 9.22 PM in K Hell and elsewhere in Bolehland. This is me saying goodnight...taken a few minutes ago....and thank you once again for reading what I write.