Monday, 8 August 2016

cakap cakap...Houston, we have a problem.

In the parlance of that legendary exchange between Astronaut Jack Swigert of the Apollo 13 and NASA "Houston, we've had a  problem here"...I came on and told the ground that it was a main B bus undervolt. The time was 2018 hours on April 13" let me say this of our situation "Putrajaya, we've had a problem here...and it is our prime minister Najib Razak who is using public money for personal gain. The time is 0531 hours on August 8. The year 2016".

Like that exchange between Apollo 13 and NASA, my report about our prime minister is made as a matter-of-fact and in a calm and professional manner of one whose intent is to alert the powers that be in Putrajaya and Umno that we need to do the necessary to rectify this problem of a corrupt Najib Razak..

The emphasis is on "we" because this is "our" problem that only "we" can resolve. It is not a problem that Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, U.A.E. Thailand, Australia or the Department of Justice of the United States can resolve for us....we will have to do this ourselves if it is to be done right.

This problem must also be addressed urgently because our prime minister knows that he can no longer rely on any earth-bound forces of good or evil to save him and he has accordingly appealed to others to help this case...ALLAH as these images can testify! You can all imagine the trouble we and our country will be in if ALLAH decides to give him a hearing and ....horrors or horrors...God forbid....grant him his wish! 

We have been reliably informed that past Umno president and ex-prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir with a few other "past" and "ex's" from Umno and "what have you" Malays...are in the process of forming a bumiputra-only political entity to offer to Malays and Umno members an alternative to Umno. This is surely a spirited and commendable effort by the good old doctor but we must be wary of the Umno and Umno infected Melayu DNA that is already impregnated within these veterans "Johnny come lately" lest the pagar we hope to guard the padi fails us....again! 


So what are we to do? 

It would seem that there are no more political, public  or government officials of any integrity left within our midst's that will stand with us, the rakyat, to bring the prime minister to account. 

The same can be said of any mechanism of check and balances that should have been in place to prevent these abuses - all have been neutralised or dismantled by the seemingly all-powerful Najib "Cash is King" Razak. 

All avenues to bring Najib to account for his criminality within this nation has been effectively muted.....hence our appeal to others to do what we should really do for rid ourselves of a corrupt Najib Razak.

The push and pull factors within this conundrum of deceit, deviousness, dispicables dependents, desperate, destructive and delusional political deviants now demands to be addressed before it destroys our nation.

Can and me.....while pondering over breakfast what the coming week will bring us...can we think of what I have just said. Think not in the usual dismissive way we all have when faced with something that is beyond our ability to redress. Think not in the "tidak apa" mindset that Malaysians seems to be so fond of adopting in matters that does not affect them personally or in matters than can be pushed aside for another day. And certainly think not in terms of race, religion or any other divide that separates us comfortably into our own world.

We need to think as Malaysians....and if I have to tell you what or who Malaysian are...then my friend you are the one now that has a problem!