Thursday, 11 August 2016

I am writing this from the hospital.......

1. Najib tells his tame audience that I want him to do things my way only. Maybe so though I don’t think it is true.

2. But if he wants to do things his way, it should at least to be something good for the country. Promoting corruption is certainly not good for the country or for anyone.

3. Having 2.6 billion Ringgit in his private account is also not good. No Prime Minister of Malaysia should have that amount of Ringgit in his private account. And the explanation he gives as to the source of the billions is quite ridiculous.

4. And now it is about loyalty to the institution of the President of UMNO.

5. So what will come next? It must be President for life.

6. And after that. There should be a dynasty. A Crown Prince no less. But call it the Deputy President. And he must be from the family, including the wife’s.

7. In my time, I was challenged. Tengku Razaleigh contested against me. So did Musa Hitam. Four of my Cabinet Ministers backed my challengers. I did not ask them to be loyal to me as President of the party.

8. They lost. But the Ministers continued to be Ministers. One even got to be Prime Minister.

9. They don’t and I didn’t expect them to regard me as an institution which cannot be challenged.

10. Ah! Am I not promoting my own son? Not in my time. Not when I had the power to do.

11. But when he fights his own battle, am I supposed to fight against him? If he wins, he wins. If he loses, that will not be my doing. Already he has lost for having the same stand as I have.

12. I am old now. But Allah be praised, I am not senile. I would gladly accept an open debate with Najib with live audience and T.V. live telecast.

13. The debate should be on governing a country.

14. I may lose. Cash may win. It is for Malaysians to evaluate, not TV3 or the NST or my own known supporters.

15. I am writing this from the hospital. I would like to thank all the well-wishers for their get-well-quick messages.

16. Messages help but applying to join the new party would be even better.

Save Malaysia.

Tun Mahathir