Saturday, 6 August 2016

Rosmah Mansor : Nang Bo Ti Nang. Qui Boh Ti Qui

Comment made 6 years ago on my posting "Vanity thy Name is Rosmah!"
As a nurse to a plastic surgeon, I can tell that Rosmah has had: 
1) Plastic surgery to sharpen her nose bridge. Poor job...her nose looks hooked like a 
    parrot's beak from the slide view 
2) Botox on forehead, cheeks, chin - these areas look paralysed ie relaxed so that fine lines 
    and wrinkles do not become visible 
3) Too thick a make up to cover uneven skin tone 
4) Fat and puffy face due to water retention. 
At her age, she must have reached menopause. So, if she has hormonal imbalance, water retention is one of the obvious symptoms. She won't be having high libido. So, I doubt she is into the carpet man aka Deepak. She is pretty much off sex..that is why her husband has to sow his wild oats elsewhere. 
With her cover up attire, it is difficult to assess if she has done any boob job. If she wears a lower neckline, I can immediately tell if she has done any breast augmentation, breast lift or toning.