Monday, 2 January 2017

Are you safe.?

Do I feel safe in Melbourne? Do I have a problem walking the streets in the city without worrying about what would happen to me. A terrorist attack perhaps? A bomb going off at a time when the Bourke Street Mall is at it's busiest? Do I really, really feel safe taking the Tram and using public transport? Would I rather stay home then go out so as to be to be on the safe side? 

If truth be told these thoughts creeps into my mind every now and the point that at times it makes me ask myself if that trip into the city is really necessary? Am I not putting my physical self in harms way every time I walk the streets of Melbourne?

Well here is the truth. 

Anywhere you are in the world, no one is safe from a random attack by a deranged human being, no one can be protected from an individual who is determine to harm or kill someone and no one is totally immune from a terrorist whose intent is to cause death and destruction without any thought to preserving his life when doing so.

We all have to live with the realities that is now a "given" in the times and and the type of world that we live in today. Maybe you might feel safer in Melbourne than in Tel Aviv. Safer in Australia then in Syria or Turkey...but no one is truly safe from being the inadvertent target of a random attack. So I have learn to live with these realities....but this I last conscious thoughts before I slip into oblivion would be of my loved ones - wife, children and their that order. .....and then maybe, if there is still time, I will be wondering who will tell those who read what I write, that I have........

note : if any of you come across any other way of saying that some one....any one....has died...please share it with us!