Thursday, 12 January 2017

cakap cakap....Old Age.

I came across the above quote late last night...someone musing on what old age means. 

Speaking for myself, the freedom that I most cherish about old age is simply this : you can do what you damm well pleases and not worry about what anybody else think. You don't really care anymore about what anyone thinks. All that matters is your loved ones and yourself.  

From the time that I became an adult....that is from the time I could afford to do as I want within the means that I have....I have always lived my life in isolation. 

In isolation from the things that, to me, were a distraction from the pursuit of life as I wanted to live it. The most distracting of life's bothers is to try and live one's life the way others expect one to live one's life. Some think you to be this and some think you to be that....and sometimes you would rather be more this than that and vice versa....and very early in my adult life, I grew tired of the charade. Living overseas allows me that isolation from all that. 

And now with the onset of old age,that freedom to do as I like, is total.    

And the cream of it all....I have not fallen out of love with the girl I married....and we are growing old is good.