Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Syed Bakar Ali on 1MDB : "And the main crooks think they can walk free. Lets see"

SINGAPORE NOOSE TIGHTENS : Mat Salleh Banker Found Guilty Of 6 Charges. 10 More Coming
SWISS national Jens Sturzenegger convicted of 6 charges linked to (1MDB).
Another 10 charges will be taken into account during sentencing.
Thurs (Jan 5) Sturzenegger accused of conniving, failing to disclose US$1.3 b
accused of giving false information to enforcement officers
to omit to probe JoLo's involvement in bank accounts managed by Falcon Bank
My comments : Noose says the jail term is 5-6 months only. Very lenient. The guy has been found guilty but not sentenced yet. Also there are 10 more charges against him that will be taken into account when sentencing.
I dont know how exactly the Singapore folks work but they are doing some serious horse trading. 
Three banks have been put out of business in Singapore because of this 1MDB scandal - BSI Bank, Falcon Bank and RBS Coutts. BSI Bank has even been shut down in its home country of Switzerland. A fourth bank 'Banque Edmund de Rothschild based in Switzerland was compelled to fire its entire Board and CEO in Switzerland.
A few other banks in Singapore like Stanchart, DBS etc have been fined a total of about S$9 million. In Malayisa Ambank was fined over RM50 million. All because of 1MDB. 
And the main crooks think they can walk free. Lets see.
by Syed Akbar Ali