Friday, 13 January 2017

How is this suddenly wrong?

steadyaku47 comment : Cruz DC has a point....saya setuju.  

Not that I agree or condone it- 
but when the GOVT can invite tenders for BUMIPUTRA ONLY, 

Hotels can have HALAL ONLY,
Houses can ask for Muslim/ Ladies/ Chinese/ Malay Only
Political parties have Malay/ Bumi/Chinese/Indian/Muslim only,
Govt wants only Muslim leadership for Sabah Sarawak ....
Jobs can have Malay/Muslim only requirements .....

How is this suddenly wrong?
Maybe their clientele are mostly Chinese ....

Aren't they doing the unwanted applicants a favour?

Otherwise- have a non-discrimination law ....

If you cannot support that- 
You shouldn't complain.

Following criticism by some Malaysians online, The Body Shop Malaysia has since apologised, claiming it was an “unsanctioned act” and that it disapproved of the decision.

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 12 — The local franchise of British cosmetics and…