Monday, 9 January 2017

God Help Malaysia for Our Government Will Not!

In November 2015 black-clad gunmen wielding AK-47s stormed into the Bataclan Theatre in Paris where concertgoers were watching the US rock group, Eagles of Death Metal  performing, and killed 126  people....wounding numerous others! 

In the southern French city of Nice a truck ploughs through a crowd gathered to watch a fireworks display to mark  France National Day - Bastille Day, killing 84.

Image result for truck ploughs into crowd in France
Image result for truck ploughs into crowd in France
Image result for truck ploughs into crowd in France
Image result for truck ploughs into crowd in France

In Australia a terrorist held hostages in a Sydney Cafe for 16 hours and it finally ended with the hostage taker and two hostages dead.

Anywhere you are, everywhere you go, at any time of the one is totally safe from these kind of random or planned attacks by individual or groups of people who are prepared to die for what they believe in.....and yesterday in America, five people were killed at an airport in Fort Lauderdale by a suspect identified as a war veteran of the US Army. If you are not safe from a veteran of the US can anyone be safe from attacks by terrorists?

What we need to ask is simply this : How far can people be pushed before they decide to take action to redress whatever wrongs they believe needs to be put right....and this is a question not only we have to ask of ourselves but more critically, any government must ask the same of themselves..... for is it not the responsibility of governments to prevent these sorts of things from happening in the country they govern?

I think for Malaysia this question must be asked now if it had not been asked already! 

This question must be addressed by the powers that be in Putrajaya in all seriousness, lest by not addressing it, there will be elements within the nation that will use, incite and exploit individuals or groups to undertake these random attacks within our country to highlight such grievances (whether perceived or real) at the expense of not only the government, but more critical, at the expense of harm or even death of innocent people in Malaysia.

Those of us who keep track of what is happening in the social media are mindful of the heighten tension among many Malaysians as they pour out their grievances in matters ranging from having to pay a bribe to kautim a minor traffic offence to the matter of how that RM2.6 billion found its way into the personal account of the prime minister....and just for the record, this matter of so many Malaysian having to bribe PDRM operatives to settle minor traffic offences and that of the RM2.6 billion found in the prime minister's personal account are still to be answered or resolved by those tasked with the responsibility of doing so : This BN government headed by najib razak.

So how soon before we see the killings in France, the US and other parts of the world done by those with perceived or real soon before we see these things replicated in Malaysia? 

Or is this BN Government deliberately ignoring...or worse, encouraging....the fermenting of hatred, disgust and dissatisfaction among so many of our people because it serves their political purpose to do so? 

It serves the political purpose of the Umno led BN government for the people of Malaysia to be restless and prone to activism or worse, to demonstrate their dissatisfaction  with the way things are in Malaysia because this BN government can then have a reason to impose tiresome legislation to enable them to "control" and "manage" a restless Malaysian population to their advantage? And this they have already done to such an extent that the term "A Police State" has already been bandied about by many many Malaysians. 

So think carefully my friends about what is now happening in our country for we have in Najib Razak, a devious leader already fabulously enriched by the spoils of his public office. A man deviously scheming to hide the use and abuse of his political power for his personal gain. A man who has demonstrated in the past and present, his intent to hold on to political power at any costs whether legal or otherwise....and more worrying, a man who is prepared to use race, religion and anything else to keep our country on edge so that he will have an excuse to impose any legal or illegal means upon us all just so he will remain prime minister of our country.

God help our country for our government will not!