Friday, 13 January 2017

Whose Money is Joh Low holding?

Let me tell you something any right minded Malaysian already know, but will not talk about! 

All that money that Jho Low has. All those exotic paintings he has bought and sold. All the palatial houses, apartments and whatever else that he has in his possession  All the money he has donated to charity. All the dedak he has been spreading around to grease people's palms and make things happen. All the parties that he has been throwing with Paris Hilton and many others in attendance. And that humongous Yacht that he has ....that he has been using to go from one jet setting port to another.

All the friends that he has....

All that this Jho Low is....what he does...who he sees ...who he does business with...where his money comes from...and all this business about him being a billionaire and deal maker extraordinaire....ask yourself one thing...and one thing only : what does he do to have so much money?

Bill Gates made his money from Microsoft which became the largest PC software company in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg launched/founded Facebook.

Ingvar Kampard founded IKEA. 

Can someone tell me what Jho Low does?

Ajaib tapi benar kan? 

This guy is said to be a billionaire and yet we do not know what he does to have so much money! 

Well here is something you might want to consider.....maybe all those billions that he says he has is not his money after all!

Maybe he is just "taking care of the money for someone else!". 

Maybe he is the trustee/nominee/front it whatever you want.  

 If so...whose money is he "taking care" of? 

Who would have billions in his bank account and not want anyone to know that he has those billions? 

Who would be able to steal billions? 

Can you steal billions from individuals? From companies or other businesses? Or are those billions to be had only if you have the ability/capacity, the means and political will to steal from a country...the national coffers of a nation? And who can steal from a country? Those in charge of governing it? The leaders of that government that is governing that country? And if you are that leader....would you not have to have someone like Jho Low to hold that money for you until you are able to "claim" is from Joh Low as your own?

Think about that my friends....whose money is Joh Low holding?

I rest my case.