Monday, 20 March 2017

rosmah....perempuan s**l.

Steadyaku47 comment ;

Aku dah bosan dan meluat dengan perangai perempuan sial ni! 

Women in her position should know their place in these type of official ceremonies where the wife of the prime minister is invited to be there as a guest of the Navy NOT as the guest of honour. It is the prime minister who would do the honours when launching the Kapal Ronda KM Bagan Datik - not that bitch of a wife.

But najib is a mouse under her thumb.

rosmah has najib balls in her hands...and when she squeezes those balls....najib does her bidding. So this fat slob is the centre of attraction and distraction in this official ceremony! And she is so because she does not know better. 

We know her face cannot launch a thousand better the Kapal Ronda KM Bagan Datuk that no ship at all. 

Do not blame her parents for bringing her up to be the women she is today...she is not only grown up but past old age too! She is a hag who is trying to have some glory and glitter in her life by imposing herself on these kind of occasions where nobody - not even her effeminate husband - have got the balls to tell her that women of good upbringing, with  decent manners and brains do not push her husband out of the way just so she can take his place.